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Depending on age, the human body consists of between 50 - 80% water and for this reason it is very important to drink high quality water every day. Water has fascinating properties and can even have a healing effect on our organism. The problem in our world today, however, is that our drinking water has a very poor structural quality. Water has the special property of reacting to information, frequencies, etc., of adapting to them. Negativity of any kind or low vibration frequencies reduce the quality of the water enormously. Nevertheless, you can remedy this by energizing water using a wide variety of methods. In the following section you will learn what such an energizing effect and how to energize water properly.

Bovi's value, the energetic vibration level of food!!

bovis unitsEverything in existence deep inside consists exclusively of energetic states, of life energy. The intensity or quality of this life energy varies greatly from substance to substance. Ultimately, however, there is a way to measure the intensity of this life energy. The French physicist Alfred Bovis realized at the time that the life energies of substances, places and organisms can be measured at all. In order to be able to measure the life energy of substances, organisms and even locations, he used a so-called biometer. For this reason, this measured life energy is also often referred to as the Bovis value. The Bovis value is therefore a unit of measurement with which one can measure the life energy of substances. All foods have an individual Bovis value. Natural, chemically untreated foods have a particularly high Bovis value. Conversely, foods that have been chemically "processed" or generally chemically or genetically modified have a low Bovis value. Water also has an individual Bovis value. Tap water has a value of 2500 to 6000 from region to region. These values ​​are not ideal. This is often due to the fact that our drinking water, apart from the negative environmental influences created by human hands, has gone through a long recycling cycle and has been fed with a lot of low-level information as a result.

Energizing water is becoming increasingly popular…!!

The low vibration frequencies reduce the quality of the water and so over time you consume water that has a lasting effect on your own vitality. It is therefore highly recommended to energize water with various tools/methods. In this context, you can achieve very good results with little effort!

Energize water with thoughts

plant experimentThe entire life of a human being, everything one experiences, feels and perceives is ultimately just a mental projection of one's own consciousness. Our consciousness is in constant interaction with the outside world. With the help of our consciousness and the resulting thoughts we can change our own vibration frequency. Put simply, positive thoughts raise one's vibrational frequency, making our energetic base lighter, negative thoughts in turn lower our own vibrational frequency, one's energetic base becomes denser. In exactly the same way, one can also inform/vitalize the outer world, the outer circumstances, with one's own thoughts. Countless experiments have already been carried out on this. A classic experiment that should be familiar to many people by now is the plant experiment. In this experiment you take 2 plants that you grow under exactly the same conditions. The only difference is that you put positive thoughts/emotions on one plant and negative thoughts/emotions on the other. One plant is mentally informed with positive thoughts, the other with negative thoughts. The result of this experiment is that the positively informed plant thrives and the negatively informed plant withers after a short time. This method can be transferred perfectly to the water. Just the positive mental information about water leads to an enormous improvement in the quality of the water.

Inform water with positive thoughts…!!

For this reason it is also very beneficial to mentally bless water. If you internally fill the water with positive thoughts, feel positive about it, tell yourself that you love the water, are grateful to be able to drink it, if you mentally inform it with positive thoughts, then this always results in a drastic increase the Bovis value. The special thing about it is that you can use this method at any time based on your own thoughts. It doesn't take much and it doesn't take much time. Since one is composed of a high percentage of water, it is generally very beneficial to legitimize a positive thought spectrum in one's mind. In this way, over time, you not only improve the quality of the food you eat, but you also increase the vibration frequency of your own organism.

Energize water with healing stones

healing stonesAnother popular way to energize water is to use so-called healing stones. Healing stones are primarily fossil substances or minerals that have a healing influence on one's own organism and improve the psychological/physical constitution. These stones have a particularly high vibration frequency and are perfect for energizing water. Even in earlier advanced cultures, healing stones were specifically used to improve one's own living conditions. Even today, the use of healing stones is becoming increasingly popular. There are even very special healing stone combinations that can be used to have a huge impact on the quality of the water. A combination consists of the healing stones amethyst (has a harmonizing effect on the soul), rose quartz (has a cleansing effect on the heart and soul) and rock crystal (has a strengthening effect on the body and mind). These three gemstones form an optimal basis for water energization, as their properties complement each other perfectly and, when combined, have a special effect. As soon as you put this combination of healing stones in a container with water, the quality of the water increases immensely. Thanks to this highly effective combination, even after a single treatment, the water's structural properties resemble that of fresh, natural mountain water. The vibration level increases dramatically and the water then has a revitalizing effect on your body. For this reason, it is advisable to energize your own water with these healing stones. The healing stones can be used over a longer period of time without losing their strength.

Energizing the water of pets…!!

This method can also be used to improve the water of pets in the same way. Animals are generally very sensitive creatures and react in exactly the same way to the quality of the water. For example, a dog that is given energized water and tap water would always choose the more frequented water. Various experiments have already been carried out on this, which clearly prove this.

Energize water with harmonizing symbols

flower of LifeFinally, I will introduce another special method that can be used to successfully energize water. On our planet there are a wide variety of symbols that, like everything in existence, have an individual vibration frequency. There are symbols that have a harmonizing effect on us as humans. In this regard, there is, for example, so-called divine symbolism. These include symbols that, due to their harmonious and perfectionistic arrangement, represent an image of the energetic source and have a very positive influence on our psyche. One of these symbols is also called the flower of Life. This symbol is one of the oldest symbols on our planet and is perfect for water energization due to its harmonious arrangement. This symbol can be used in different ways. On the one hand, you could use the flower of life as a coaster for a glass of water, or you could attach this symbol to a corresponding vessel. With this methodology, the energizing process behaves in a similar way to our thoughts. The mere presence of the symbol informs the water and increases its vibration level. In the same way, you could take a piece of paper, write a positive word on it, for example love, and then attach it to a bottle of water. After a short time, the quality of the water would improve rapidly and the Bovis value would increase. In this context, I often treat myself to the living water of St. Leonhards. This spring water has a particularly high quality and is also positively informed with the flower of life. On the inside of the bottle is the flower of life with the caption “In Love and Gratitude”, a seal of quality that is second to none. Ultimately, one finds here again that one can energize water with a simple and quickly applicable method.

The expenditure of time is zero, the effect all the more astonishing...!!

It doesn't take much time to inform/energize water and should definitely be practiced due to its positive effects. At the end of the day, your body will benefit from the energized water and after just a few days you will notice positive changes in your mind. You feel more vital, mentally clearer, more alive and can enjoy an improvement in your own quality of life. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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