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A lot of people are currently confronted with the topic of self-healing or the inner healing process. This topic is gaining more and more attention because, firstly, more people are coming to the realization that one can heal oneself completely, i.e. free oneself from all diseases, and secondly, because of the now advanced cosmic cycle, more and more people are dealing with the system and necessarily again highly effective remedies and healing methods come into contact. Nevertheless, our self-healing powers in particular are becoming more and more important and are being recognized by more people. As far as that is concerned, this is also related to the current process of frequency increases, whereby shadow parts anchored in the subconscious are transported into our own consciousness and prompt us to deal with them in order to be able to adapt to the high frequencies of the planet again. In this regard, there are also countless ways to accelerate your own inner healing process and I will reveal three of them to you in this article.

Option 1: Release the blockage of your heart chakra

heart chakra openingEvery human being has 7 main chakras, i.e. 7 rotating vortex mechanisms, interfaces between our material and immaterial body. Chakras supply our organism with energy, ensure a smooth flow of energy and are closely connected to our meridians (“pathways of life – energy paths”). Unfortunately, in today's world it seems that many people have some of these chakras blocked. These blockages are usually caused by trauma from days gone by, mental blockages, karmic baggage or other factors that firstly maintain a mental imbalance and secondly reduce our self-love. For example, if a person experiences thoughts of fear, sadness, hate, jealousy or even pain again and again, then they feed their organism with low-frequency energy on a permanent basis. A negative spectrum of thoughts therefore permanently exerts a lasting influence on our own energetic basis, causing our energetic flow to falter. Our chakras are massively slowed down in their spin and corresponding chakra blockages become manifest. In the long term, the physical area in which the chakra blockage is located is no longer supplied with sufficient life energy, which then promotes the development of diseases in this physical region. As a rule, corresponding secondary illnesses will inevitably manifest themselves. Ultimately, this prevents one's own healing process (Of course, one could also comment here that going through one's own shadows is part of one's own healing process) and our mental imbalance then results in a disease. The heart chakra in particular plays a decisive role here, because in today's world many people suffer from heart diseases, which are usually due to a closed heart chakra. Breast cancer is also usually the result of a closed heart chakra, here the rejection of one's own body or even a lack of acceptance of one's own body is decisive.

A person who has no or very little empathy, is very egotistical, tramples on nature and wildlife and, instead of loving his neighbor, is much more inclined to judge the lives of his people, most likely has a closed heart chakra ..!!

Apart from an unnatural diet, cardiac arrhythmias, high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, circulatory disorders, various lung diseases and breathing difficulties can also indicate a closed heart chakra. For this reason, self-love and charity are extremely important when it comes to clearing a heart chakra blockage. Otherwise, of course, other factors could also come into play here. For example, if a person shows a certain coldness of heart, blindly judges the lives of other people, likes to gossip, sees animals as inferior creatures, has a certain caste mentality or even exclusionary ideas, likes to hurt other people, then these behaviors could manifest in exactly the same way indicate a closed heart chakra. Since our chakras are closely linked to our consciousness, these blockages can only be released again by gaining new beliefs or new, more positive ways of thinking/moral views and starting to love and respect yourself and life more.

By becoming aware of and releasing your own mental blockages, it becomes possible to open all chakras again. In particular, charity and self-love are extremely important when it comes to resolving a heart chakra blockage..!!

If someone, due to various circumstances, comes to the self-knowledge that it is wrong, for example, to judge the world of thoughts of other people or comes to the insight that it is simply wrong to trample the animal world, the animal world + nature instead respected and respected, then this could lead to an opening of the heart chakra. The opening or unblocking of the heart chakra (this of course applies to all chakras) then leads to an improved energetic flow and would massively accelerate one's own healing process.

Option 2: Become brave, face your fears and accept your shadow sides

mental-healing-downsidesAnother way to accelerate your own healing process would be to accept your own shadow parts. As far as this is concerned, shadow parts mean all mental blockages and other unresolved inner conflicts that are anchored in our subconscious and repeatedly reach our own day-consciousness. Shadow parts can be triggered by various life events. Here, in particular, early childhood traumas should be mentioned (also traumas caused in later life) or even other conflict situations with which we cannot come to an end. This then creates negative behaviors, tics, compulsions and fears that we cannot accept in any way. We humans are then much more inclined to suppress our own fears, do not dare to deal with them and prefer to remain in our own comfort zone. We are then reluctant to deal with these shadow parts and prefer to remain in a position in which we do not have to face these problems. However, our negative aspects cannot be suppressed, on the contrary, they repeatedly reach our own daily consciousness and increasingly burden our own mind/body/soul system. But as soon as we manage to become aware of our dark sides again, if we recognize them, face them with all courage, if we see our own fears or dark sides as important instructive experiences and start working on their salvation/cleansing, then we can definitely speed up our healing process again. We dissolve old karmic patterns and thus increase the frequency of our own state of consciousness. In this way we create a basis with which we can free ourselves from a wide variety of illnesses.

Due to very special cosmic circumstances - which ultimately results in a... continuierliche As the planetary vibration frequency increases, we humans will again be increasingly confronted with our own shadow parts. This confrontation serves our own mental and spiritual development, because we are asked to create more space for harmony, peace and balance..!!

Due to the strong energetic increases that are currently drastically increasing the frequency of our solar system, many people are inevitably confronted with their own shadow parts. We are asked to explore our own primal ground, recognize and redeem our own shadow parts and learn to create a spiritual state that is completely positive in nature.

Option 3: Detoxify your body

detoxification treatmentsThe third and final option that I will introduce to you in this article is detoxifying your own body. Our own body is essentially a very complex and sensitive system. This system tends to overload quickly. In this context, the various toxins lead to our own body acidifying, our immune system being weakened, our cardiovascular system losing performance, our cell environment being damaged and as a result these harmful influences reduce the frequency of our own state of consciousness. So for that matter, unnatural diet can also slow our chakras in spin (unnatural diet is also due to an unbalanced or even ignorant mental state). In our world today it has become normal that many people suffer from chronic poisoning. Countless ready meals, fast food, foods that are enriched with chemical additives (fluoride, aspartame, glutamate, acrylamide, aluminum, arsenic, glyphosate - highly toxic active ingredient in many pesticides, artificial flavors), meat or animal proteins and fats, cigarettes, alcohol, Drugs, antibiotics, etc. damage our own bodies and lead to a constant poisoning of our cellular environment. At the end of the day, however, all these toxins block our own healing process, make us sick and trigger countless diseases. To speed up your own healing process, it is highly advisable to free yourself from these poisons. Various detoxification treatments are perfect for this, with which you can flush out all the toxins from your body. You could, for example, do a juice cure (consisting of fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies), an intensive water cure or even a tea cure (nettle tea is particularly suitable for this - drink a lot of water because nettle tea removes water).

Aside from a balanced mental state, a natural diet is crucial for maintaining our health..!!

If you eat as naturally as possible (alkaline excess diet) and, if necessary, initially incorporate detoxification treatments, then this not only improves your own physical constitution, but your own internal healing process can also be accelerated. A detoxification treatment or an alkaline-excess diet can even work wonders. You feel significantly fitter, more dynamic, more alive, more energetic and achieve a rapid increase in your own vibration frequency. As far as nutrition is concerned, I can only give you this article (With this combination of healing methods, you can dissolve 99,9% of cancer cells within a few weeks) I highly recommend. There I gave detailed instructions with which you can cure almost any disease. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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