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A person's vibration frequency is crucial for their physical and mental condition. The higher a person's vibration frequency, the more positive the effect it has on their own body. Your own interaction between mind/body/spirit becomes more balanced and your own energetic foundation is increasingly de-densified. In this context there are various influences that can lower your own vibrational state and on the other hand there are influences that can raise your own vibrational state. In this article, I will therefore present you with 3 possibilities with which you can increase your own vibration frequency enormously.

Meditation - Allow your body rest and relaxation (Live in the now)

meditation vibration frequencyOne way to increase your own vibration frequency is to give your body enough rest. In today's world, we humans are constantly under pressure. As a rule, we have to get up very early, go to work all day long, have to go back to sleep on time to be fit for the next day and find no rest in this rhythm. In exactly the same way, we often cause ourselves too much stress because of our thoughts, we may get stuck in lasting mental patterns and therefore mostly live a life outside of the present moment. In this context, we often have countless worries about the future. We may be afraid of what may come and often we can only think of this not yet existing scenario. Likewise, we often feel guilty about past events. In many cases there are past events in this regard that we have not been able to finish with, we may even mourn the past and lose and mentally in it. The problem with this is that we do not stay mentally in the present and constantly draw stress/negative stimuli from the past. As a result, we permanently lower our own vibrational frequency and block our own energetic flow.

The present, an eternally expanding moment..!!

Ultimately, however, we should realize that we are always too in the present. The past no longer exists only in your mind, just as future scenarios are merely a creation of your mental imagination. Basically, we are always in the present. What happened yesterday happened at present and what will happen in the future will happen at the present level as well.

Through meditation we come to rest, calm our mind and are able to raise our vibrational frequency..!!

One method of being able to live more in the now again would be to practice meditation. The Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti already said that meditation is the cleansing of the mind and heart from egoism, a cleansing through which right thinking can arise. A way of thinking that alone can free people from suffering. Ultimately, we can raise our own vibration frequency through constant meditation, find more about ourselves, come to rest and, above all, strengthen the connection to our spiritual mind.

A natural diet

nature-is-our-medicineSebastian Kneipp, a Bavarian priest and hydrotherapist, put it in a nutshell: Nature is the best pharmacy. In the end, the good man was absolutely right. Especially in today's industrial age, we poison ourselves due to countless chemical additives contained in our food, countless finished products, fast food, etc., continuously weaken our immune system, damage our cell environment and thus pave the way for countless diseases. We often think that it is normal to fall ill with certain diseases from time to time, that it is normal, for example, to have various ailments in old age, but in the end this is a fallacy. Due to an unnatural diet, we consistently lower our own vibrational frequency and thus unbalance our own mental state. Conversely, a natural diet can work wonders. Every disease, and by that I really mean every disease, can be cured with a natural diet. Even cancer has been curable for a long time now. For example, the German biochemist Otto Warburg discovered that no disease can develop, let alone exist, in an oxygen-rich and alkaline cell environment. Well, at this point you should ask yourself why we humans usually have a disturbed cell environment. Ultimately, this is due to an unnatural diet. For this reason, a natural diet also raises our own vibrational frequency.

Natural, unprocessed foods raise our own vibrational frequency..!!

There are foods that have an increased vibration frequency from the ground up, for example all fruit, vegetables, various legumes, spring water or even some superfoods. When we manage to eat as naturally as possible, this always results in a tremendous increase in our own vibrational frequency. One feels more dynamic, fitter, more energetic, stronger and generally gains an improved physical and mental constitution.

Balance your own mind

bring more balance to the mind

In the top section I already mentioned that an increase in vibrational frequency leads to your own interaction of mind/body/spirit becoming more balanced. Conversely, this also means that when mind, body and soul are in balance, your own vibration frequency increases. Ultimately, a higher goal of one's incarnation is to bring this complex interplay back into balance. In order to achieve this, a wide variety of conditions must be met. The spirit is a very important instance here, with the help of which one can increase one's own frequency again. At this point, the spirit stands for the interaction of the conscious and subconscious. Consciousness in this regard is the aspect from which our own reality emerges, the aspect from which our thoughts arise/are drawn. The subconscious, in turn, is the hidden aspect of every human being in which different trains of thought/programming are anchored, which are transported again and again into the day-consciousness. In the course of life, a lot of negative thoughts accumulate in our own subconscious, mental structures that are negative in nature and repeatedly throw us off balance. The more positive your own thought spectrum is, the fewer negative thoughts are anchored in the subconscious, the higher our own vibration frequency vibrates. For this reason, in order to increase one's own vibrational frequency, it is highly recommended to build up a positive thought spectrum over time.

A negative thought spectrum is the main cause of a low vibration frequency..!!

Negative thoughts of any kind, be it fears, hateful thoughts, thoughts of jealousy, greed or even intolerance, reduce your own vibration frequency. In fact, creating a positive thought spectrum is by far one of the most effective ways to greatly increase your haunted state. In order to do this, it is also important to deal with your own deep-rooted fears. Everyone has different fears and mental wounds that need to be healed.

By becoming aware of mental wounds and the transformation of our own dark side, we increase our vibration frequency..!!

These mental wounds can be traced back to trauma from past childhood days, or even to past incarnations in which one created karmic ballast, which in turn was carried into the next life. As soon as you become aware of your own negative aspects/dark sides and manage to recognize, accept and, above all, transform them (transform into positive aspects), then your own psyche changes and you experience a significant increase in joie de vivre. For this reason, the balance of one's own spirit is extremely important and contributes to a continuous increase in one's own vibrational frequency. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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