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There is so much going wrong in today's world. Be it the banking system or the fraudulent interest rate system, with which a powerful financial elite has stolen their wealth and, at the same time, has made states dependent on them. Countless wars that were deliberately planned/initiated by elite families in order to be able to implement interests in terms of resources, power, money, control. Our human history, which is a story based on lies, disinformation and half-truths. Religions or religious institutions that only represent a control tool with which people's state of consciousness is contained. Or even our nature + wildlife, which is plundered and partially exterminated in a bestial way. The world is a single stage, a punishing planet that is dominated by those in power or a hidden shadow government who in turn strive for a world government.

No. 1 zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is a film produced by Peter Joseph and, in my opinion, is one of the most important and eye-opening films of our time. The documentary clearly explains why our world is full of intrigue and corruption. On the one hand, it explains in a simple way why religion is just a control tool that has turned us humans into fearful slaves, what different religious writings are really about (the true origin) and why they were mainly created around to suppress human spirit. Apart from that, the film explains in detail why the world is ruled by a financial elite, how these powerful families initiated and planned all the wars and, above all, why they did so. The war economy is explained and, above all, attention is drawn to why we humans are ultimately nothing more than slaves, human capital that works every day for the prosperity of a few rich bankers.

Zeitgeist is one of the best documentaries and should open the eyes of even the most biased people..!!

A top documentary film that is unparalleled in the vastness of the Internet. If you don't know this documentary, you should definitely watch it and let it sink in. Peter Joseph couldn't have explained our corrupt world any better.

#2 Earthlings

The documentary Earthlings shows in a memorable and shocking way how brutally our animal world is treated. It shows exactly how cruel factory farming is, how badly the animals are treated in breeding and in animal shelters, and what the leather and fur trade is really all about (skinning them alive, etc.). Apart from that, cruel animal experiments are brought to light that do no justice to any living being (animal experiments - the word shows alone should make us tremble. How can it be that we live in a world in which we take the right to interact with other living beings experiment). In this context, the documentary, with secretly filmed images and the use of hidden cameras, reveals the misery that countless animals have to endure every day. The plundering of the animal world borders on a real holocaust. It's hard to imagine how bad the exploitation of wildlife actually is. Every day millions of animals are tortured in the most cruel ways, deprived of their freedom, frightened, oppressed, humiliated, fattened and treated like second-class creatures. Apart from that, the film explains exactly why this exploitation of the animal world is wanted, why everything is based on the profit motives of powerful industries that have no care whatsoever for the lives of these creatures.

Every day a genocide takes place in the animal world, a mass murder that cannot be called good in any way..!!

A violent film that shows you exactly how bad things really are with our animal world and, above all, how dangerous are the industries that are trying to cover up this mass murder with all their might, or even present these desecrations to us as an important necessity. An exciting yet shocking documentary that you should definitely watch!

#3 Thrive - Thrive

Last but not least on the list is the documentary film Thrive, which explains in detail who really are the ruling powers of our world, what the torus and free energy are all about, why the interest rate policy and our capitalist economy enslaves us, how and why our planet is being polluted across the board and why corporations exploit their seemingly limitless power. This is exactly how the corruption of various powerful nations, banks and industries is shown in this film. It is therefore also explained why cancer, for example, has long been curable - but these cures are suppressed/dismantled due to profit reasons and competitiveness. In exactly the same way, the film reveals how consciously fears are transported into our heads and why we are victims of a system that is heading towards a new world order due to powerful companies, bankers, lobbyists and corrupt politics.

Thrive is an important documentary that can massively expand our own horizons..!!

At the same time, the documentation also reveals ways out of the long-lasting misery and shows us humans how we could get out of it again. The documentary was created by Foster and Kimberly Gamble and should definitely be seen.

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