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As I have often mentioned in my texts, the truth about our own origins or even the truth about the current system is subtly presented in countless Hollywood films. On the one hand, this is because some directors know everything about the NWO. In the same way, some of these directors have some spiritual knowledge. Most of these directors would never reveal their knowledge in public for fear of being murdered or ruined afterwards (It's happened several times). For this reason, they express their knowledge, their wisdom, in a different way. On the one hand about films and on the other hand about music. In this context, especially in films, there are a wide variety of allusions to our true origins. When it comes to this, I did a little research and picked out 5 mind-expanding film quotes for you.

#1 Yoda Quote – The Empire Strikes Back

Yoda quote - enlightened beingsLately I've been watching a few Star Wars films again. I noticed that some of the quotes are really profound. In this context, I also published an interesting scene on my Facebook page yesterday. In this scene, when Master Yoda was training his student Luke Skywalker, he said the following to him: We are enlightened beings, not this raw matter. This quote immediately impressed me and I didn't expect that such a mind-expanding quote would appear in this film, especially since I had seen the film several times in my childhood (okay, at that time I had hardly any knowledge of it myself). therefore did not register/understand this quote). Still, going back to the quote, Yoda's words contain a lot of truth and couldn't be truer, but what does he mean by that? Basically, this quote refers to our own mind, our own consciousness. In today's world, many people identify with their own bodies rather than their minds. You instinctively assume that you are your own body and ignore your own mental abilities. This thinking can be traced back to our materially oriented society, which indirectly and sometimes directly suggests to us that we live in an exclusively material world. But spirit rules over matter and not the other way around.

Consciousness is the highest authority in existence. The entire life is therefore a product of our own mind..!!

In this context, our entire world is just an immaterial projection of our own state of consciousness, our own mind. Our origin could be described as an energetic tissue that is given form by an intelligent spirit. We are not people who have a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual/spiritual beings who experience being human.

#2 Morpheus Quote – Matrix

Matrix quoteThe Matrix is ​​probably one of the most famous or rather insightful films, especially when it comes to the themes of the system, enslavement, mental oppression, etc. In this context, the quotes from this film are legendary. One quote in particular is, in my opinion, one of the best and most accurate film quotes of all time. The quote comes from the peace fighter Morpheus, who explains to Neo what exactly the matrix is ​​and what his life is all about. The quote was the following: The Matrix is ​​omnipresent. It surrounds us. Even here she is. In this room. You see them when you look out the window or turn off the TV. You can feel it when you go to work or to church and when you pay your taxes. It is an illusory world that is presented to you in order to distract you from the truth. - Which truth? – That you are a slave Neo. You were born into slavery like everyone else. You are in a prison that you cannot touch or smell. A prison for your mind. Unfortunately, it's hard to explain to anyone what the Matrix is. Everyone has to experience it for themselves. This film quote is unique and can be applied 1:1 to our world today. Ultimately, it looks like our world is ruled by an elite financial elite.

Our world is a product of a powerful financial elite that deliberately poisons our minds, souls and bodies..!! 

Powerful bankers who have taken control of the financial system and driven our countries into high levels of debt (keywords: Rothschilds, Federal Reserve, NWO). Powerful families that can print unlimited money and view us as human capital. But most people don't know anything about it, because various system-technical mechanisms keep us trapped in an energetically dense frenzy. We therefore live in an illusory world that is maintained by society, the mass media, governments and lobbyists. In addition, most people defend this sick system that is ultimately responsible for the exploitation of our planet (keyword: human guardians).

We live in an energetically dense system, a system based on low vibrational frequencies. Since this circumstance is currently changing, people often talk about a war of frequencies in which humanity finds itself..!!

This system is based on low vibration frequencies, an energetically dense system, i.e. a system whose energetic state oscillates at a low frequency. With the help of the system or the matrix, our state of consciousness is contained. Our minds are suppressed, the capabilities of our conscious state are limited, and our subconscious minds are conditioned with fears and other negative thoughts. Since the film Matrix reflects this sick system in the most plausible way, in my opinion it is one of the best films of all time (small note: I don't want to blame the NWO for the current planetary situation, because after all everyone is human himself responsible for his own life. We are not oppressed, we allow ourselves to be oppressed).

#3 Yoda Quote – Revenge of the Sith

We continue with another quote from the Star Wars saga. In this context, it is once again Master Yoda who provides a groundbreaking insight into our own spiritual nature. In this regard, I already discussed a special Yoda quote in one of my last articles, namely the following: The fear of loss is a path to the dark side. This quote is very profound! You can find out exactly what this is all about this article. This is not about this quote, but about a related sentence that Yoda revealed to Anakin in the same conversation. Anakin was plagued by strong fears of loss. He had visions of his wife's death and therefore sought advice from Yoda. When asked what he would have to do to prevent these fears from coming true, Yoda said the following: You have to practice letting go of all the things you fear losing!! Ultimately, this quote means something very special and it is about the fact that it is only fear that leads to the corresponding fears coming true, that they become reality. We live in a world where our state of consciousness often resonates with loss. Some people therefore often live in fear of losing important things. Be it material goods, friends or even beloved partners.

The more we mentally lose ourselves in fears, the less we live in the present and the more we miss the opportunity to actively shape our lives..!!

Ultimately, these fears mean that you no longer live consciously in the present, but instead find yourself trapped in a mental scenario. In this context, however, it must be said that the past and future are exclusively mental constructs. Ultimately, we are always in the present, at any time, in any place. For example, what happens in the future will also happen in the present. Past situations also took place in the present. The more we lose ourselves in fears, the more we miss the present moment.

Our state of consciousness always attracts into our lives what we are internally convinced of, what resonates with me mentally..!!

Apart from that, our state of consciousness resonates with loss, whereby we only attract further loss into our lives (Law of Resonance - What corresponds to your thoughts and inner beliefs is increasingly drawn into your own life/Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity/ frequency). That's why it's so important to let go of your own fears. As soon as we manage to let go again in this context, we attract into our lives what is really meant for us. For example, a person who lives in fear of losing their partner is in the process of losing them because of their fear. This fear makes us act irrationally, makes us jealous, sick and causes us to do things that scare our partner away or even cause them to gradually distance themselves from us. This is why this Yoda quote is so impressive. It is the perfect answer to questions about loss and explains a very important principle in our lives, the principle of letting go, which in turn is essential for the psychological development of every person.

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