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Nowadays there are some terms that usually mean something completely different in meaning. Terms that are basically misunderstood by many people. When properly understood, these terms can have an insightful and inspiring influence on our mind. Most of the time, these terms are used frequently in everyday life and many people are forced to confront these words in their lives and, due to difficult life situations, keep using these words without knowing the true meaning of these words. For this reason, I have decided to go into detail about 3 of these words in this article.

#1 disappointment

disappointmentDisappointment is a term associated with sadness, a sadness brought on by unfulfilled expectations. Ultimately, however, this term means something completely different. It is not about unfulfilled expectations or only partially, it is mainly about a self-imposed deception, a deception that was triggered by a wish that has not been fulfilled or can no longer be fulfilled. For example, you meet your ex-partner in the hope and the belief that he or she could come back to you. If the ex-partner then rejects this wish, is no longer interested in you at all, then this ex-partner dissolves the self-imposed deception and the truth comes out, the truth that you deceived yourself out of self-protection, that you lived in a deception, so not quite having to lose one's hope.

Ultimately, a DISAPPOINTMENT is important for one's own spiritual development..!!

Such a DISAPPOINTMENT can be very painful, but at the end of the day it always serves one's own spiritual development. Only when you take off your own mask and no longer deceive yourself is it possible to steer your own life back on positive paths.

#2 Let go

Let goWhen they hear the word let go, most people think of having to let go or even forget a thought, for example the thought of a loved one. Again, I take the example with an ex-partner. You are completely in despair - "By the way, another word like that" and mentally only lives with the person. You can't put an end to your past love and you try everything to forget this person, to be able to let go of this person. Especially in the current age, in which we are being bombarded with high vibration frequencies, the topic of letting go comes up again and again. But letting go doesn't mean that you have to forget something, it just means that you LET something go—that you give a thought freedom and leave something as it is without having any more influence on it. You should let go of a partner, then that doesn't mean that you should forget this person, which isn't even possible, after all this person was part of your life, part of your mental world.

Letting go is not about forgetting, but about letting things be as they are in order to be able to draw into your life what is meant for you..!!

Ultimately, it is about letting this person be, leaving them alone, no longer having any influence on them and nipping negative thoughts about these people in the bud. You let things run free in order to regain the ability to live freely. Only when you manage to let go do things come into your life that are ultimately intended for you.

The more you let go, the fewer things you cling to, the freer your life becomes..!!

If it should be this person, then they will come back into your life, if not then another person will come into your life, the person who is meant for themselves. The more things you let go of, the fewer things you cling to, the freer you become and the more you draw things into your life that correspond to your own mental state you are rewarded for passing.

#3 Develop

DevelopmentWhen we think of the word evolve, we usually assume that it refers to one's own further development, for example the creation of a more advanced state of consciousness. But development ultimately refers to something completely different, especially if you transfer this word to us humans. It refers to a separate development. For example, one's own soul is surrounded by shadows and negative thoughts, which in turn suppress our spiritual mind. The more shadow parts one dissolves, the more the soul unwinds, the more truth one embodies. Again, I have a suitable example here. After my breakup at the time, I rushed to see her a few months later, hoping that she would get back to me. But she had met a new friend and said to me that the whole thing was developing.

DEVELOPMENT refers to one's own unfolding, a personal truth or purpose that unfolds and then becomes a reality..!!

In that moment I understood that this does not refer to a development in one direction, i.e. her life or the life of her and her new boyfriend, that develops towards a partnership, but that her life DEVELOPS, that her personal truth, unwrapped from her and set free. What was intended for them gradually unwound itself until this development became truth, or rather, created reality.

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