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daily energy

Now it's that time again and we're getting another portal day, to be precise even the sixth and last portal day of this month. As far as the portal days are concerned, it will be a little quieter again until September 6th, only then will we get portal days again, even a whole lot of them, 10 in a row. In the following month this trend then also continues, which for our planetary circumstance is a tremendous flood cosmic radiation means.

The last portal day of this month

daily energyIn this context, I have often mentioned in countless of my articles that the year 2017 is seen as a kind of key year in which the intensity of the subtle war, i.e. the imbalance between ego and soul, between negative and positive spiritual alignment, will reach its peak. Afterwards, this intensity will decrease and a lot of people will overcome their own shadow parts or become clearly more emotional again (increasing identification with spirit and soul). After this climax, the disinformation based system will be increasingly exposed and more and more people will come to know the real reasons for the current chaotic planetary condition. The puppet politicians, the financial elite, the fraudulent interest rate system, all the suppressed remedies and technologies (e.g. cures for cancer, free energy and co.) will then again become freely accessible to all of humanity and the occult masters of the planet will fully exercise their power lose.

There will definitely come a time when all suppressed technologies + remedies will be released to all of humanity and as a result man will live in harmony with nature again..!!

A balance will then return, people will live in harmony with nature again, eat naturally, will no longer live materially oriented in any way and will no longer be judgmental and destructive, at least not even to some extent as is currently the case .

It's getting increasingly stormy

It's getting increasingly stormyA few years later, around 2025, the golden age will reach us, an age in which mankind will be completely free mentally, physically and spiritually. Poverty, famine and wars will then definitely no longer exist, then there will be much more worldwide peace and all of humanity will regard itself as one big family and will no longer exclude or even smile at people for their individual creative expression. Ultimately, this is also due to an increase in the emotional quotient of all people, which subsequently means that all people are much more empathetic and embody the principle of unconditional love much more. But it will still be a few years before that happens and until then we will still experience stormy times, especially in the next 3 years. This year, for example, the intensity of the subtle war will stir up many more inconsistencies + unresolved issues in us. In September in particular, a lot is supposed to happen in this regard, so on September 23rd a very special star constellation will take place, which will probably bring countless violent changes with it (I will also write a detailed article on this during the days). Otherwise, a trend that began in May is continuing, and we are currently experiencing an energetically more stormy circumstance from month to month. So it won't be calmer for the time being, but much more stormy. In the following years (2018/2019/2020/2021/2022) mankind will be much more clarified and will have a much more pronounced spiritual/spiritual quotient (intelligence quotient + emotion quotient).

From month to month the process of spiritual awakening progresses and more and more people deal with their own primal ground + their own spirit..!!

This circumstance, which also automatically leads to people seeing through + recognizing the energetically dense (negatively oriented) system, will then initiate a revolution and the poisoning circumstance (targeted spreading of disinformation, suppression of groundbreaking technologies + remedies, permanent poisoning of humanity through energetically dense food, Haarp, chemtrails, vaccinations and co.) will no longer be tolerated and those responsible for this chaos will have to give up their power completely (a balance of power is created). Well then, before all these events can happen, it's all about the mental + spiritual development of each individual human being.

Use the energies of today's portal day and reconcile your own mental desires + intentions with your actions..!!

As far as that is concerned, today's final portal day is also ideal for gaining a deeper insight into your own soul. Your own spiritual desires and above all your own mental intentions can now be reconciled better than ever with your own actions. For this reason, use the strong energies of today's portal day and listen to yourself. Pay attention to your thoughts and create again a circumstance that corresponds completely to your own ideas. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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