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The month of December has so far been a very harmonious and, above all, energetic month for most people. The cosmic radiation was constantly high, many people were able to deal with their own primal cause and old mental and karmic problems/entanglements could be worked through. That's exactly how this month served our personal spiritual development. Things that may still have weighed on us or were no longer associated with our own spirit, with our own vibration frequency, sometimes experienced a drastic change. This month in particular, many people were able to look back on their own lives and become aware of their own heart's desires. In exactly the same way, it was now possible to face one's own fear and hand over the shadow parts of the transformation.

A powerful healing potential can now be unfolded

10 portal daysThe fact that the month of December is a special month, which in turn was accompanied by an enormous increase in vibration frequency, is partly due to the fact that an extremely large number of portal days took place in this month. A total of 13 portal days will take place this month. 3 of them have already reached us, 10 more are still pending. The special thing about it is that we will receive 20.12 portal days from December 29.12th to December 10th, which in this context will take place one after the other. A special event that has never happened before. In this regard, portal days are days on which there is a particularly high level of vibration. On such days we humans can develop our own transformation + healing potential particularly well. We are now expecting 10 such days in a row and for this reason we are experiencing a tremendous transformation phase. During this time we can therefore perfectly deal with our own heart's desires. In this regard, our own shadow parts repeatedly cover our own mental mind and mean that we humans like to keep ourselves captive in lasting mental situations. Our daily consciousness is repeatedly reached by these shadow parts. These negative aspects are deep in our subconscious and stand in the way of our own peace of mind. For countless incarnations we have been dealing with these lasting mental patterns and due to the current newly beginning platonic year and the associated ascent into the light (transition to the 5th dimension/transition to a high vibration frequency) we humans are experiencing massive spiritual development.

The 10 portal days offer a perfect basis to hand over your own negative shadow parts to healing..!!

It is more and more about handing over one's own shadow parts to the transformation, allowing inner healing to take place or intensifying one's own connection to the spiritual mind. The more we act out of our own soul, the more we identify with it, the more positive our own mental spectrum becomes. A positive spectrum of thoughts in turn results in an increase in one's own vibration frequency. For this reason, many negative behaviors and fears are currently being washed to the surface, because the high vibration frequencies automatically mean that these negative parts are no longer offered any support.

Use the energy of the powerful portal days and create a more positive spectrum of thoughts..!!

We are now experiencing a powerful ascension and can deal perfectly with our own primal ground. The 10 consecutive portal days in particular therefore hold an enormous transformation and healing potential and we should therefore use these energetic moments to be able to catapult our quantum leap into awakening to a new level. Since each person is the creator of their own reality, it depends on each person whether they use the energies of these powerful days, or whether they close their own mind and the potential goes unused. In this sense, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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