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Weather manipulation

Lately the weather on our planet has been going crazy and the weather has been tinkered with in extreme ways. There are now a lot of storms, earthquakes, floods, etc. In this regard, the fact that they are not of natural origin, but are produced artificially using Haarp, etc., is a secret for fewer and fewer people. Nevertheless, the whole thing is also frightening, because it shows us that huge storms can be generated within a few weeks/days and not just in the Americas.

Will there be a crash in Germany in the near future?

Will there be a crash in Germany in the near future?As far as this is concerned, such storms can also be generated in Germany without any problems, which has already happened a few times this year (on a “smaller” scale, almost every day). This summer was also hit by countless storms and floods. In this context, particularly in Lower Saxony, there were dangerous floods, which in turn caused a lot of chaos and devastated some households. Otherwise, the sky over Germany was often cloudy and a lot of sudden weather changes affected the population. The solar radiation was minimized and the intensity of the cosmic radiation - which was sometimes very extreme - was weakened. Of course, attempts were made to prevent or delay the current collective awakening, which of course were/are all just pathetic attempts. However, we can also see this as a certain warning, because the violent storms that are currently raging/raging in the American region can essentially also be generated here. As far as this is concerned, the situation is currently getting worse everywhere and the “end times” are taking their intended course. So the powerful, the elites, the families that rule our planet know that their time is up and so they are trying to cause destruction and chaos by all means possible. Of course, this happens in a different way, because staged attacks, like those on September 11th, can no longer be carried out without being immediately exposed (see MH17). Instead, a real weather war is taking place and people are trying with all their might to control the weather or to cause the greatest possible damage. Of course, it was only a matter of time before this methodology came to light and was discovered by more and more people. More and more people are reporting on the storms made by “machines”, and in some cases so many people even reported on the recent Irma hurricane that it really surprised/impressed me.

Due to the current massive energetic increase (keyword: portal days - solar storm), the weather is being manipulated even more in order to be able to further delay the extent of the collective awakening..!! 

Nevertheless, this also shows us that the elites are afraid of nothing and are currently capable of anything. Due to the current massive increase in energy, we can even expect that dangerous “weather phenomena” could occur in Germany in the near future. A so-called “autumn storm” is expected to reach us in Germany from tomorrow and we can expect very strong gusts of wind and sudden changes in the weather. But what exactly will happen in the next few days and weeks remains to be seen. One thing is certain, however, anything can happen at the moment. With that in mind, stay vigilant.

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