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So now the time has come and after a long break we are back to the next portal day, to be precise the first portal day of this month. In this context, the “lean portal day” month of June only gave us 2 portal days, the last of which occurred on June 14, 2017. This month there are a few more. For this reason, we received 7 portal days this month, all spread over the entire month, with most of them reaching us in the middle to the end of the month. Since there have been no Portal Day articles for a few weeks now, but a few new followers have been added and for this reason questions have arisen again in this regard, I would like to take this opportunity to briefly explain what these Portal Days are all about. Afterwards I will also present you the long-awaited portal day calendar until the end of 2017, which was finally presented to us today.

The first portal day of this month

Portal day in July + portal day calendarBasically, portal days are very special days on which increased cosmic radiation (high vibrational frequencies) reach our planet, which subsequently exerts a massive influence on our own state of consciousness. These days were predicted by the earlier advanced civilization, the Maya, and therefore indicate energetically valuable days. When it comes to this, the Maya have generally made very accurate forecasts and predictions. They also predicted the new beginning of the Age of Aquarius on December 21, 2012 (Cosmic Cycle - Platonic Year) and announced the apocalyptic years that would accompany it, which also happened exactly as the Maya predicted. In this regard, apocalypse does not mean the end of the world, but simply revelation, unveiling, unveiling. Such a revelation, i.e. a disclosure of our own origin, the truth regarding our own mind and above all our planet (The truth about the chaotic planetary circumstance - system based on disinformation + lies, puppet politicians, states are companies - NWO/financial elite - occultist families , who have our banking system, the energy market, industries, states, secret services and media under their control), this development also took place or is currently progressing, which also means that more and more people are consciously aware of one thing Rediscover the process of spiritual awakening.

At the end of the day, portal days serve our own mental and spiritual development, serve to increase our own vibration frequency, which is why these days tend to be stormy in nature..!!

Well, to come back to the portal days, especially on such days we humans usually gain special access to our own inner mental and spiritual state. Because of the strong cosmic radiation, these days have a special influence on our own psyche, which is why these days ultimately serve to create a planetary circumstance, the creation of a state of consciousness, which in turn can remain permanently at a high vibration frequency (the permanent creation of a positive living conditions).

The vibrational adjustment of the collective state of consciousness + portal day calendar until the end of the year

The vibrational adjustment of the collective state of consciousness + portal day calendar until the end of the yearOur planet forces the collective state of consciousness - due to its increased vibrational environment - to create more space for positive things. In this way, he autodidactically forces a consistent elevation/expansion of our own spirit and for this reason, especially on days like these, he shows us our own fears, inconsistencies and mental blockages. This process is also imperative because we humans cannot create a completely positive life, cannot create a space in which positivity can thrive, if we still allow ourselves to be dominated by negative experiences and other sustainable thought processes. So we stay much more in a low vibration frequency and thus block the development of our own soul aspect, the development of our true being. That's why the days are often very strenuous, because the incoming high frequencies often make us aware of our own inner imbalance and our own existing mental blockages. As a rule, on such days we are asked to look inwards, we are asked to deal with our own fears again. Only when we accept our own circumstances as they are, with all of its shadows and light, with all of its positive and negative circumstances, will it be possible for us to initiate a personal transformation.

Portal days are usually stormy in nature. For this reason, disputes and general disagreements can arise more easily on these days..!!

For this reason, we should allow ourselves a lot of rest on these days and definitely not overexert ourselves too much, so we can ensure a smooth absorption of all these cosmic energies. As far as this is concerned, we will have countless more portal days in the coming weeks and months. You can get an overview of the portal days until the end of the year in this section.

Further portal days until the end of 2017:

Juli: 01.|05.|12.|13.|20.|26.|31.|
August: 03.|08.|16.|19.|24.|27.|
September: 06.|07.|08.|09.|10.|11.|12.|13.|14.|15.| – 10 Portaltage hintereinander
Oktober: 16.|17.|18.|19.|20.|21.|22.|23.|24.|25.| – 10 Portaltage hintereinander
November: 15th|23rd|28th|
December: 19th|20th|27th|31st|

As you can see, we will have a few more portal days in the next few weeks and months. Just like in December 2016, we will have very stormy weeks again, weeks in which, just like in December 10, we will be “swirled up” by 2 portal days in a row. Well, until that happens, another XNUMX months will pass and we should first prepare ourselves for today's portal day or use its energies to gain a better understanding of our own existence, of our own psychological origins and, above all, of our own Internal imbalance. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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