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In the last few days the weather in Germany and even in the roof region has become significantly cooler. In keeping with the impending start of the first winter month of December, temperatures have dropped, there was snowfall in some regions and slippery conditions or frost appeared in the area, especially at night and in the early morning hours. This could be one Get in the mood for an ice-cold winter that is once again upon us. In this context it should also be said that in earlier times, for example in Germany, it was common for winters to be colder or icier.

Why have winters in recent years generally been milder?

Mild winterUltimately, an icy winter in our regions is fundamentally a completely natural, or rather original, circumstance. Only in the last two decades has this changed step by step (especially in Germany). After all, it is now widely known that targeted interventions are being made in the weather. While it is publicly communicated in Dubai and is also completely normal that, for example, silver ions are deliberately released into the atmosphere to produce rain, corresponding weather-changing interventions are often kept secret, at least in the Western world (Although there are extensive indications, technologies and basically even public confessions about it - keyword geoengineering, one risks being discredited if it is reported). Well, by influencing the atmosphere with ELF waves, milder winters can be created without any problems. On the other hand, the message was implanted in the collective's mind that we are exposed to global warming, which means that it is getting warmer from year to year. Therefore, if the consciousness of countless people is focused on this (Mind creates matter – our attention creates), then the collective itself automatically creates a warmer climate circumstance (The mass is used to manifest various projects). Well, whatever circumstances are responsible for the fact that the winters of the last few decades have generally been mild, it should be said that an ice-cold winter is incredibly natural and, above all, healthy for our own minds. I have already pointed out how in this article Breathing in cold air is invigorating and healthy at a hunt.

Why winter should be freezing cold!

Are we now facing an ice-cold winter?Ultimately, such cold always creates a much calmer situation. Overall, the winter months also represent peace, relaxation, silence and retreat. We should surrender to our inner world, be completely at peace and recharge our batteries for spring (first the calm, then the departure follows). An ice-cold winter therefore promotes this natural cycle connection immensely, especially in our regions, which are energetically designed for this. Nature is very withdrawn, everything is very calm and as a result mediating and thriving for our own spirit. Everyone knows it too. For example, if you go out into nature on an ice-cold day, for example when the temperature is below zero, you will experience an extreme level of peace that is rarely found, be it visual or auditory peace. However, this incredibly important rest is disrupted. Not only do we celebrate the New Year in the dead of winter (although the true New Year with the vernal equinox starts) and want to implement new projects full of stress (Everything gets hectic in January, but we should still indulge in deep calm), but the milder temperatures only create a partially wintry or icy and therefore calm atmosphere, i.e. an ice-cold and deeply calm energy.

Are we now facing an ice-cold winter?

For these reasons, an ice-cold or pristine winter, as was the case in the past, would be very welcome. And the probability of such a winter is definitely there. Not only have the current days become significantly cooler and could be a precursor to an icy winter, but this year a lot of things were generally designed to be original. Apart from a very hot summer, I just remember one of the most growth-rich springs we had this year. Many people also noticed that at this time nature had returned and, above all, thrived to a degree that had not been the case for many years. Within a few weeks, flora literally exploded and everyone around me was very amazed that nature showed itself in such a strong form. From an energetic point of view, a lot of things in this astrological Mars year are geared towards completion and implementation. Everything wants to come into harmony and also be led back to its origin. It was therefore a very important year in which a lot of things were able to develop further. A great maturation process took place. For this reason, we could also be facing an ice-cold winter, i.e. the natural cycle, as was the case in spring, descends into its most pristine levels and shows itself in its winter-appropriate form. Weather meteorologists also believe it is likely that the polar vortex will become more unstable and consequently lead to an ice-cold winter. What happens, of course, remains to be seen. Personally, I will program myself for an ice-cold winter and prepare myself for it. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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