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Every human being has a subtle basis, a spiritual presence that ultimately represents our true self. There is no living being that does not have a soul. Among other things, the soul also represents our high-vibration, energetically light structure. It is also responsible for the fact that we humans have a good core and can carry out positive/hearty/light actions. When someone does a good deed, does something out of a loving intention, then such an action is always due to one's own soul mind. In this context, humans also consist of energetic states or subtle fields deep inside. In this regard, matter is just condensed energy; one could also speak of a mental/immaterial projection of one's own consciousness.

The weight of one's subtle basis

weight-of-the-soulIn this regard, a wide variety of philosophers have already asked themselves whether one's own soul could have any weight. Various scientists have investigated this question. Ultimately, one wanted to find out whether one's own soul, one's own energetic charisma (aura), could be measured by weight. As far as that is concerned, the chemist and natural scientist Dr. Klaus Volkamer carried out a test with various test subjects in which he continuously monitored/measured the weight of the test subjects while they slept. In doing so, he made groundbreaking discoveries. As a rule, the test subjects lost 10-20 grams of weight, a value that was recorded in the sleeping people after a certain period of time. This weight loss is due to a loss of fluid, fluid that has been released through our skin or through breathing. However, a fascinating phenomenon occurred in some individuals. Some of the test subjects systematically lost up to 600 grams while sleeping over a longer period of time. The moment the people woke up again, the weight, i.e. the 600 grams, was immediately back.

An out of body experience could be the result of the sudden weight loss..!!

Ultimately, this phenomenon is due to a constant decrease in one's own energetic fields. Possibly also on your own soul or even on your own spirit, which leaves the body when dreaming or astral travel and then suddenly returns when you awaken. On the other hand, this could also be due to a sudden rapid increase in one's energetic base, which regains full presence upon waking.

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