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We live in an age in which we humans like to be dominated by self-imposed, negative thoughts. For example, many people legitimize hate, or even fear, in their own state of consciousness. Ultimately, this is also related to our materially oriented, egoistic mind, which is often responsible for the fact that we humans like to judge and frown on things that do not correspond to our own conditioned and inherited world view. Due to the fact that our own mind or the vibrational state of our own mind, only draws things into their own lives that have a similar vibrational state, hateful or even anxious people subsequently only draw other life situations into their own lives that are accompanied by hatred and fears.

How hate + fears poison our consciousness

How hate + fears poison our consciousnessAt the end of the day, our own state of consciousness creates a negative reality, a life in which we keep ourselves permanently trapped in a low vibrational condition, a life in which there is a lot of space for the negative. As has often been mentioned in my articles, our own state of consciousness or the nature of our own thoughts is decisive for our own physical and psychological constitution. As soon as we legitimize negative thoughts in our own mind over a longer period of time, we damage our own organism a lot. Our chakras (subtle energy centers/vortices that provide our body with life energy and ensure an energetic flow) spin slowed down, our energetic flow comes to a standstill and as a result our physical body has to process this energetic pollution, which always happens at the end of the day leads to a weakening of our own immune system (weakening of our immune system, damage to our cell environment, damage to our DNA). In the same way, every illness is due to our own spirit. For this reason, diseases do not thrive first in our bodies, but always first in our own minds. Early childhood trauma, negative thoughts, karmic baggage, suffering or unresolved conflicts from past lives and other self-imposed burdens are usually the main factors responsible for the development of any illness. In particular, negative thoughts that we legitimize in our own mind over a long period of time, thoughts based on hatred, anger, greed and fears have a very bad influence on our own body. In this respect, they reduce the vibration frequency of our own state of consciousness, condense our own energetic basis, slow down our own chakras in the spin and over time promote diseases of all kinds.

Every illness ultimately serves our own mental + spiritual development and wants to tell us something, makes us aware of our own missing spiritual + divine connection..!!

Nevertheless, this is not too bad either, because every illness wants to convey something to us, every illness makes us aware of our own missing spiritual + divine connection and tells us that we have to change something in our own lives, something that allows us to become more harmonious, peaceful and balanced as a whole. Ultimately, for this reason, every disease is curable. Seen in this way, there are no incurable diseases, even if the system media would like to drum this into us. Every illness can be cured, be it by switching to a natural, basic diet, or even by cleaning up/transforming your own mental problems.

By realigning our own state of consciousness/mind, we can recreate a life that is entirely positive in nature. It just depends on ourselves and using our own mental faculties..!!

This is also why it is very important to change the direction of our own mind. It is important that we no longer remain permanently in a state of consciousness shaped by hate and fear, but that we recreate a life that is positive in nature. Some time ago I also created a video on this topic, i.e. the poisoning of one's own state of consciousness through negative thoughts. In the video I also went into how and why so much hatred has been sown in recent years and what it is ultimately all about. If you're interested, you can take a look. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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