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For thousands of years people have been philosophizing about their own origin. Attempts are always made to answer the big questions in life. What is the meaning of my existence? Why is there life at all? what is god Where do we come from, where are we going? Is there life after death and, above all, what is the highest authority in existence or what represents our own primal ground, what distinguishes it? However, it is now the year 2017 and due to a drastic planetary vibration increase, humanity is expanding in a very special way way their own state of consciousness. In this context, our own basic reasons are again strongly questioned and explored, which leads us to achieve groundbreaking self-knowledge.

Who you really are – the true reason for your life

Our mental mindUltimately, it seems that we can only truly understand, explore and experience our own origins again when we stop looking outwards and instead look inwards. Because of our materially oriented minds, it is difficult for us to achieve groundbreaking self-knowledge regarding our own origins, as we always look for answers outside rather than within ourselves. For example, if you try to imagine God, you don't look inward, but outward, and ask yourself where in/above/under the universe this God could exist?! However, your own inner aspect is completely ignored. The fact that we humans, because of our own spirit - from which our entire reality ultimately arises - represent an image of God, a powerful being that can create or even destroy life with the help of our own mental imagination, is not taken into account , because we don't look into our innermost being. At the end of the day, everything in existence is an expression of consciousness. Here one also likes to speak of an all-pervasive creative spirit that gives form to an energetic network. Consciousness is therefore also the quintessence of our life and is responsible for all of creation. Without consciousness nothing can thrive, let alone come into being, since we can only shape the course of our own lives with the help of our consciousness. Without consciousness, this would not be possible; without consciousness, humanity would not have been able to create inventions in the past, it would not have been able to self-determine its own path in life and would therefore not be able to live. In this regard, consciousness also consists of energy, of an energetic state, which in turn vibrates at a corresponding frequency.

With the help of our own minds, we humans create our own lives and can act independently. Without our spirit this would not be possible, without our spirit we could not create anything and as a result would not be able to live..!!

We can increase this frequency ourselves (through positive thoughts) or decrease it (through negative thoughts). Nevertheless, even though we humans are purely spiritual beings, our original reason is still accompanied by a very essential aspect and that is our own soul. In this context, the soul also represents our high-vibration, intuitive, loving aspect. It is responsible for the fact that we strive for a harmonious, balanced life and are always empathetic in many moments of our lives. For this reason, even if we are an expression of consciousness and are penetrated by it, we are ultimately spiritual beings who use our own mind as a “tool” to experience/shape life. In the video below, I go into this topic again in detail and explain what our soul or our own source is all about. If you're interested, you can take a look. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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