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Since the beginning of existence, different realities have “collisioned” with each other. There is no general reality in the classical sense, which in turn is comprehensive and applies to all living beings. Likewise, there is no all-encompassing truth that is valid for every human being and dwells in the foundations of existence. Of course, one could see the core of our existence, i.e. our spiritual nature and the highly effective force that goes with it, namely unconditional love, as an absolute truth represent, but one should be aware at this point that each person creates their own completely individual truth.

The inner truth of every human being

When different realities collideIn this context, every human being has completely individual beliefs and beliefs about life. Even if many views are shared, one individuality always stands out. We humans don't live in an overarching reality, but we "create" our own completely own reality (we just represent the space of life in which everything happens). Our life or our reality is a product of our own current state of consciousness, which is why we constantly experience a change in our own reality, because no two days are the same (even if we could often have the feeling that our state of consciousness is different every day, already changed and expanded by the impressions and experiences of the previous day). In doing so, we cannot present our inner truth or our views as universally valid (of course we can, but it does not change the reality or individual truth of other people). Sentences like: "That does not correspond to reality" are therefore void. In the case of a complete difference of opinion, it is much more the case that the corresponding knowledge with which one cannot identify does not correspond to one's own reality, i.e. one's own world view. Nevertheless, this point is often ignored. In exactly the same way, the ideas of other people are often exposed to ridicule, at least when they do not in any way conform to one's own worldview. Instead of recognizing or even respecting the reality of another person, it is labeled as wrong or even insane.

I am not my thoughts, emotions, senses and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am life itself. I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness I am now I am. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

As a result, this often results in an internally accepted exclusion of other people, because you don't want to have anything to do with a person who has ideas that you strictly reject.

When different realities collide

When different realities collideViews critical of the system in particular often provoke a certain rejection in many people. Of course, such a reaction is what the mass media and politicians, or more precisely, the backers of the new world order, want. But it is precisely with such topics that the view of another person is often undermined. Instead of dealing with the relevant information impartially or factually, one acts purely out of one's own EGO mind and presents such information as nonsensical, as not corresponding to the truth. But presenting the inner truth or the reality of another person as false or even untrue, even colliding with this reality, only creates suffering, mostly self-imposed suffering, especially if one cannot accept the corresponding view or this one upset yourself (you are not angry because of the other person, but only because of yourself. Everything always happens within you). It is therefore extremely important that, firstly, one respects the point of view or rather the individual truth of each person and, secondly, that one looks at other points of view from an unbiased point of view (if one would not do the latter, speaks information and opinions from an unbiased point of view then one would never be receptive to new knowledge, then one's mind would be permanently closed and one would always follow a conditioned and inherited world view). This would avoid a clash of different realities. Instead, they would become gentle encounters. Of course, if a corresponding view is in no way conclusive for you, even after subsequent research and countless considerations, if it just feels wrong, then you should trust your own inner truth again.

There is no universal reality, just as there is no universal truth. We humans create our own, completely individual truth much more and therefore look at life from a completely unique point of view. Everyone sees the world with different eyes - which is why the world is not the way it is, but the way you are. We are just the creators and consequently create our own world, our own reality, our own space and our own truth..!!

For this reason, I also emphasize again and again that all my articles and all the knowledge imparted is just a product of my own mind. It is my inner truth and my inner beliefs that I immortalize in the form of these articles. A young person's individual thought/reality expressed in this form. One should therefore also question my content and deal with it factually instead of blindly accepting it, because my truth is not a universal truth, it is merely the "truth of my spirit", a product of my creative power, which I use for myself personally, in my reality recognized as truth. If my teaching contradicts your insight, then follow your insight, Buddha once said. Ultimately, it is therefore also important that we find our own truth in the end. Of course, this path is made more difficult, especially in this matrix system, which is difficult to decode due to countless disinformation and EGO mechanisms, but the path into our inner world, access to our inner truth, can be done at any time, anywhere , within ourselves, to be found.

We are what we think. Everything we are arises from our thoughts. We form the world with our thoughts. – Buddha..!!

Acknowledging your own inner truth and following it is also something important. It is an important step in becoming more real in this overarching process of spiritual awakening (which has been accelerating in recent years). In addition, trusting and fully acknowledging our own truth brings us before our own space, that is, the space in which our life in turn thrives. We are the creators of our lives, represent the designers of our own destiny and should therefore trust in our own truth, which becomes manifest through our creative power and is constantly expanding. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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