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creative spirit

The spirit of a person, which in turn represents one's entire existence, penetrated by one's own soul, has the potential to completely change one's own world and consequently the entire outer world (As inside, so outside). That potential, or rather that fundamental ability, is anchored in the core of every human being and can be exhausted at any time and, above all, used for the realization of incredible states.

The power of your own creative spirit

The power of your own creative spiritIn particular, the use of our own imagination is crucial here, because only things or circumstances/states that we can imagine can also be experienced and manifested on our part, on the other hand corresponding circumstances do not exist, at least not for ourselves. We can imagine a corresponding circumstance, which automatically means that this circumstance does not exist for us. It is not an aspect of our inner truth – our reality, i.e. we limit ourselves in our own creative power/imagination. How often do you hear the following sayings, for example: “That’s not possible”, “It’s not possible” or “I can do that can't imagine." They are not just sentences that are simply said, quite the opposite. Behind every spoken word and consequently behind every sentence there is an energy, a frequency through which we express our being. Therefore, if one cannot imagine something, then the corresponding idea lies, at least at this moment, outside of one's creative existence. It is non-existent for one even then, not possible. And since we live in a low-frequency system (which of course is currently experiencing a massive increase in frequency, which is why it is becoming less and less popular and is changing), while our own creative power is kept small, a large part of humanity is subject to many blockages and mental limitations.

Everything arises from within our own minds, and whatever we can imagine represents not only a fundamental aspect of our inner truth, but also a viable possibility, however abstract the idea may be. We are the creators, we are the space in which everything happens, we decide what becomes an aspect of our reality and what doesn't. A small example: If someone is convinced that there is spirit, if he has perceived something in this regard, then this represents an aspect of his reality at the moment. He created the circumstance through his imagination and consequently experiences it - his creative power has this allows to come true. Something like this may not exist for someone else, i.e. it is not an aspect of their inner truth, but this does not change your inner truth, your reality, your experience and your imagination, unless you would let yourself be persuaded that such a thing does not exist is when one takes on the creative expression/imagination of the other human being/creator. As I said, you decide for yourself, you create yourself, and the more you are aware of this, the more you maintain, confront and spread your own imagination accordingly - you are connected to everything, everything is one and one is everything..!!

Not only do we "like" to be kept small, i.e. we let someone else convince us that something is not possible/attainable (the adoption of blocking beliefs from other people, - never allow yourself to be persuaded that something is not possible / something does not exist, - if you have recognized something as truth in your reality, it feels good for you, then get it instead of letting a blockage be imposed on you - which doesn't mean you shouldn't question your own beliefs, but that's another topic), – consequently allowing our own imagination to be limited, we, as creators ourselves, simply cannot imagine many circumstances simply because our own mind (or) is too limited. Of course, all of these limits can be broken, especially when you become aware of your own divinity and, above all, your own creative source. However, this limited imagination (or) an essential feature in today's world.

Use your imagination - Expand your mind

creative spiritThere are very many things in this context that a human being cannot create, experience or realize simply because his imagination (or) not enough. As I said, things that cannot be imagined cannot be experienced, and this does not only refer to "supernatural" abilities or other hardly imaginable possibilities, but also to everyday things. In this regard, deficiency is also a key keyword here, because a limited/lacking imagination is also an expression of an inner state of deficiency. And a person who has been living out a financial shortage for many years, for example, will find it difficult to imagine that he will be rich anytime soon, instead his imagination will bring pictures of his financial shortage, debts and so on. He therefore maintains the want and will the money (its state of deficiency) very likely still curse ("damn money,”—then why should it come to you? In your mind it's a bad thing. A person you don't love and find bad would not stay with you or come to you - especially not permanently, you then push off, don't attract), instead of his attention (Energie always follows one's own attention - and yes, there are always precarious shortage situations that make it difficult to break out - just want to clarify the principle) to focus on abundance. One cannot then imagine being completely financially independent at some point or, in this example, only for a short time, in a moment, after which the idea of ​​the deficiency that has become manifest would take hold again.

As creators, we humans shape our own reality with the help of our own imagination. Therefore, why should we allow ourselves to be limited in our own abilities and not expand our mind into completely new dimensions/directions? Why shouldn't we imagine things, circumstances that do justice even to our divinity. Why should we allow ourselves to be kept spiritually limited and deny ourselves a basic abundance that exists/can exist anywhere? For example, can you imagine being immortal, reversing your aging process, ending your incarnation, being perfectly healthy/never being sick? Can you imagine using levitation, teleportation or telekinesis or can you imagine freeing yourself from all dependencies. Can you imagine being beautiful? Can you imagine living vegan, avoiding animal products? Can you imagine being rich, imagine no longer being in want but in plenty, living in harmony with the world? Can you imagine that the system represents a low-frequency illusory world, created by private families, corporations, lobbyists and co., who not only strongly shape our imagination (media and co.), but also want to keep our creative expression small (because a boundless spirit, a free spirit or rather a creator who is aware of his creative power poses a threat to the maintenance of the same system). In the end everything is up to us and it also always depends on us whether we can imagine something or not, whether we allow ourselves to be limited in our imagination or not. We decide for ourselves what becomes an aspect of our reality, what becomes truth, only we ourselves..!!

Ultimately, there are many things that we cannot imagine and therefore also avoid. We keep ourselves limited in our own creativity and use our imagination to maintain/create circumstances that are everyday in nature (as soon as something is incomprehensible or inexplicable to one's mind, even unthinkable, it is non-existent to oneself). At the end of the day, however, you are characterized by your own imagination, because everything you can imagine and also imagine, all beliefs, beliefs and views, reflect your own state of being, your own creative space. Therefore, the less one can imagine, the more limited one's mind is. As I said, the circumstance is reversible, namely when all self-imposed limitations are discarded and one understands that everything is possible, everything is imaginable and everything is realizable, even the most abstract states. And we can completely overcome these self-imposed limits, anytime, anywhere. And especially in the current age of spiritual awakening, in which more and more people are becoming aware of their own divine ground, more and more is becoming possible for us, simply because we can imagine more, experience more, expand our spirit into new dimensions. Therefore, as said, we create, we are the creators, we imagine. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂 

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