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The term light worker or light warrior is currently becoming more and more popular and the term appears frequently, especially in spiritual circles. People who have increasingly dealt with spiritual topics, especially in recent years, could not avoid this term in this context. But even outsiders who have only had vague contact with these topics have often become aware of this term. The word lightworker is heavily mystified and some people imagine it to be something completely abstract. However, this phenomenon is absolutely not uncommon. Nowadays we often mystify things that seem completely alien to us, things for which we have absolutely no explanation. You can find out what this term is all about in the following article.

The truth about the term lightworker

lightworkerBasically, the term lightworker means people who work for good and, above all, stand up for the truth on our planet. In today's world, the truth regarding our true root cause is being deliberately suppressed by a wide variety of authorities. People should not think freely, should be weak-willed, docile, judgmental and reject the truth with all their might. The same also applies to the true events of the current chaotic/warlike planetary circumstance, one could also apply this to the truth of all levels of existence. With all their might the truth is suppressed. Various people in power (the masters of the planet/financial elite/NWO/) are using all their might to keep the truth hidden and nascent sparks of truth are exposed to ridicule. But which truth exactly? The truth that we humans are ultimately extremely powerful creatures, the truth that we are all an expression of a divine convergence, a structuring, energetic source that in turn is the source of all life. This source or the highest creative authority in existence, an overarching consciousness consisting of energetic states, which “splits off” with every incarnation and is given to every living being, enables us humans, with its help and the resulting thought processes , create their own reality.

Every human being is a powerful creator..!!

We are all multidimensional beings, powerful creators who can permanently change our own lives with the help of our own thought processes. In this regard, there is no sole creator of the universe, a God who is responsible for the creation of our lives, in fact the exact opposite is the case. Every human being is a conscious expression of an overarching consciousness and in this context is himself a creator, is himself the source and a creator of life. Due to correlating vortex mechanisms (chakras), our consciousness has the special ability to be able to condense or decompress our own energetic state. Positivity, which can be legitimized in the form of one's own thoughts, in one's own mind, de-densifies one's own energetic state.

The purest of all forms of energy, the light..!!

light warriorPeople often like to talk about bright thoughts, a bright spectrum of thoughts. Light is the purest of all forms of energy and comes from the beyond space (this world - beyond, attributed to the law of polarity), which is also often referred to as space ether (the energetic sea that fills all the gaps in our existence, in fills our universe), works into our material world and stands for the unadulterated truth, can be equated with high vibrational frequencies or the highest existing vibrational state. The light therefore stands for the unadulterated truth, for the highest vibrating state that can be generated or is continuously generated by consciousness. A person who realizes a positive spectrum of thoughts in this regard, a person who advocates for this truth, spreads it, draws attention to it, could therefore be called a lightworker. A conscious creator of his circumstances who knows the truth and brings it closer to people. This is also the reason why there is currently talk of a war between light and darkness. In this context, darkness can be equated with lies, with energetic density/dense states, with low vibration frequencies. That's why there are different people who try with all their might to suppress the truth. Powerful, unimaginably wealthy families who control finance, the media, industries, states, etc., trapping us humans in an energetically dense system and spreading lies, half-truths and disinformation.

The targeted suppression of the collective state of consciousness..!!

That's why people here often talk about dark rulers, about the darkness, because these people deliberately suppress the collective state of consciousness due to their occultist idea of ​​the world. Ultimately, one has to realize that the term lightworker or the phrase “a war between the light and the darkness” is nothing abstract, but describes many more people or a circumstance that is more present than ever in today's world. People who stand up for the truth and strive for peaceful, harmonious, truthful coexistence. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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