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Animals are fascinating and unique creatures that, in their abundance, make an important contribution to our planet. The animal world is so full of individual and ecologically sustainable life that we often don't appreciate it at all. On the contrary, one may not believe that there are people who label animals as second-class creatures. On our planet, so much injustice is done to the animals that it is frightening how these graceful creatures are treated is.

We should live with the animals and not against the animals!

Man is at the top of the food chain and all other living things are only secondary, are subordinate to him and only serve as livestock. This criminal assumption dominated the minds of almost everyone for a long time, but these trains of thought are currently changing and a huge rethink is taking place in humanity (for this reason, more and more people are currently eating vegan and, fortunately, are increasingly committed to animal welfare). We do not have the right to exploit or even destroy the animal and plant world, on the contrary, it should be our highest duty to maintain and protect the animal and plant world. We should not live against, but with the animals in harmony.

live with the animalsAlbert Schweitzer said back then that animal welfare is education for humanity and he was absolutely right. How can we take it upon ourselves to judge and judge animal life based on our selfish mind. Just like us humans, animals consist of one and the same divine convergence and represent just such an image of God or are just an expression of an overarching consciousness.

Animals are not numbers, but equal living beings!

It is sometimes barbaric how our wildlife is being exploited and exterminated. A wide variety of pesticides are used to systematically identify insects such as bees and the like, while oil drilling and chemicals that are piped into the seas by corporations are poisoning our oceans and triggering mass extinction in the waters. The whole mass operations trample on animals and destroy the lives of animals by keeping them in confined spaces and kept under cruel conditions, sometimes even being tortured by empathetic employees. More and more birds are dying because they are being polluted by geoengineering (chemtrails - various chemicals that are said to be sprayed into the air to save climate change). At the same time, the population of animals is curbed by the fact that many animal species are killed by hunters (the argument that you stop overpopulation by killing certain animal species is absurd, you don't go there and kill people because of civilization's overpopulation).

Animals are living beings and not numbersEven our legal system fails here across the board, because according to our legal situation, animals are only regarded as objects. How can that be legitimized, how can such catastrophic conditions be tolerated? Animals are equal creatures that have emotions and feel pain with the same intensity as we humans do. At the end of the day it's all about money and a lot of people will stop at nothing for money. But I do without the money if I can save a life for it, if I can improve the life of an animal and give this creature a fulfilled life.

Wildlife conservation is important to our planetary survival!

A well-known quote says that if animals had a religion then man would be the devil. This valid quote is absolutely true, but since we humans are creators of our own reality, have free will and can choose what we think and how we act, we should not be like the devil, but like caring and loving gods behave.

protect animalsWe possess this power and we humans are able to maintain the animal world and support it in its natural endeavors to keep nature in balance. Without animals, our planetary and human existence would vegetate. Our plant world would perish and our earth would become uninhabitable and die out after a very short time. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and respect our wildlife.

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