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I decided to create this article because a friend recently drew my attention to an acquaintance on his friends list who kept writing how much he hated everyone else. When he told me about it, irritated, I pointed out to him that this cry for love was just an expression of his lack of self-love. Ultimately, every human being just wants to be loved, wants to experience a feeling of security and charity. However, we usually ignore the fact that we usually only receive love on the outside if we are also self-loving, when we are able to discover the love inside and feel it again.

Self-hatred – A result of a lack of self-love

Self-hatred - Lack of self-loveSelf-hatred is an expression of a lack of self-love. In this context, there is even a universal law that best illustrates this principle: the principle of correspondence or analogies. This principle states that external states ultimately only reflect one's own internal state and vice versa. If you have chaotic living conditions, for example untidy, chaotic rooms, then you can assume that this chaos is due to an internal imbalance, an imbalance that is in turn reflected in the external living conditions. Conversely, chaotic living conditions have a very negative impact on one's own inner state. As in the inside, so in the outside, as in the small, so in the large, as in the microcosm, so in the macrocosm. This principle can be perfectly projected onto the topic of self-love. You don't see the world as it is, but as you are, the Jamaican spiritual teacher Mooji once said.

Your inner mental state is always transferred to the outer world and vice versa..!!

If you hate yourself, you hate those around you, if you love yourself, you love those around you, a simple principle. The hatred that you transfer to other people comes from your own inner state and at the end of the day is just a cry for love or a cry for your own self-love.

A person who is happy with himself would not feel hatred towards his fellow human beings..!!

If you loved yourself completely, then you wouldn't have hatred within yourself or claim that you hate all other people, why would that be the case when you love yourself and are content, when you have found your inner peace and are happy? Then you have no reason to hate your fellow human beings or the outside world.

Ultimately, hatred of other people can only be traced back to self-hatred..!!

At this point it must also be said that hatred of other people is simply hatred of oneself. You are dissatisfied with yourself, you hate yourself because you hardly feel love, or you hate yourself because of your own lack of self-love, which you look for in vain on the outside. But love always arises from one's own spiritual mind.

By solving your own karmic patterns or mental problems, you become able to feel love inside again..!!

Only when you become able to love yourself again, for example by solving your own mental problems, traumas or other blocking mechanisms, will you be able to accept the external circumstances again and will also experience more love on the outside again, because you then, due to the law of resonance (energy always attracts energy of the same intensity), it resonates with love and will automatically attract it into your life. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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