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energy surge

From a purely energetic and frequency perspective, the last few months, especially the last two months, have been very stormy. Stronger electromagnetic influences reached us almost every day and the values ​​simply did not level off, on the contrary, in one day (April 23 – Read here) we even reached a climb that was gigantic in terms of intensity.

10 portal days in a row

10 portal days in a rowSo far this month things haven't looked any different and so some electromagnetic impulses have reached us. Even today (in the morning - see picture below), there were two strong increases. We have also already received a portal day. Nevertheless, this month could be even more intense in terms of intensity, because we have 11 more portal days, 8 of them in a row. Basically, we even have 10 portal days in a row, because the first two days of June are also portal days. The last time we received such a series of portal days was in September 2017 and as some of you should know, this month was a tough one, especially since a very special event took place on September 23rd that almost ushered in a new phase in the process of spiritual awakening (read here). From May 24th to June 2nd we will now have 10 portal days in a row and we can be sure that these 10 days will be quite strong, at least in terms of influences. The days will be all about transformation and purification and will certainly stir up some unredeemed things within us. Strong influencesOf course, these days can also be very stressful, because our mind/body/spirit system will have to process all the influences, but it should be said that these days only serve our own prosperity, i.e. our spiritual further development. In the month after next, i.e. in July, we will again have 10 portal days in a row, which is why things will continue to be quite stormy then. For this reason, we now have very intensive months ahead of us and we can be curious to see to what extent these influences will affect our own minds. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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