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Immune system

The topic of self-healing has been on the minds of more and more people for several years. In doing so, we come into our own creative power and realize that we are not only responsible for our own suffering (we have, at least as a rule, created the cause ourselves), but that only we can heal ourselves. For this reason, attempts are again being made to find out the cause of one's own illness.

The effects of our thoughts

Your inner attitude can move mountains Instead of just alleviating symptoms with various medications, a natural lifestyle/nutrition is being considered again. The focus is now also on one's own spirit, because, as already mentioned, every illness is born in one's own spirit. Ultimately, I have already examined the topic several times in various articles and explained why, for example, a natural (alkaline excess) diet can bring your own body into balance (a natural diet – The implementation). I have also repeatedly illuminated the mental causes of an illness (A detailed report to heal your own ailments completely). In exactly the same way, I have already pointed out several times that a corresponding implementation is not always easy for us. Although we have explored the causes of our own illnesses or even know about a natural way of life, it is difficult for us to adapt accordingly. However, even though this can often be very difficult for us, we should always keep in mind that we can heal ourselves completely, no matter how serious an illness or ailment may be (of course there are also exceptions, for example people who no longer have the will to live).

We humans are the designers of our own reality and have consequently let our suffering or our illness become manifest. Of course there are exceptions, but we are usually always responsible for what we experience and create in our lives..!!

Ultimately, this knowledge is also crucial, because we are often afraid in corresponding situations and allow ourselves to be ruled by our fear. We may then have the feeling that we will have to succumb to this suffering forever and fear that we will never recover. For this reason, our inner attitude is also crucial when it comes to our healing process.

Your inner attitude can move mountains

Your inner attitude can move mountainsPessimism or a negative, fear-influenced attitude can severely impair our immune system. The situation is similar with shock diagnoses. In this context, many people who are suffering from cancer, for example, experience a state of shock (or a state of fear) during the diagnosis. Sometimes this fear can be so strong that your immune system collapses by up to 95% (you feel paralyzed and stress hormones flood your body). The reaction to a diagnosis can therefore be devastating and massively accelerate your own physical decay. Especially when you then get to hear that you don't have much longer to live. Our thoughts have an enormous influence on our own physical constitution and are therefore crucial for our well-being. Of course, it is similar with our inner attitude. The more destructive or disharmonious we are mentally, the more detrimental are the effects on our body. For this reason, it is important to remain calm in situations where a serious illness is diagnosed. We should then not get involved in a negative thought spectrum and lose hope.

Our thoughts or our spirit always exerts a massive influence on our own body. A negative mental spectrum therefore always favors a weakening of all endogenous functionalities..!!

Much more we should regard this diagnosis or the disease as a signal from our body. Our body shows us that something is wrong with our way of life. Instead, we should become aware that we can heal ourselves, that at the end of the day we are powerful creators who can fundamentally change our own physical environment. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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