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Full moon

In two days it will be time again and another full moon will reach us (May 10th), to be precise even the fifth full moon this year. The coming full moon will spark an enormous potential for transformation in us and will ultimately serve our own spiritual and spiritual development. As far as that goes, a lot of important things have happened this month. Apart from the second portal days at the beginning of the month and an increased cosmic radiation, which reached us from Friday to Saturday night, - especially from 02:00 a.m. to 05:00 a.m. and gave me a sleepless night, many people were already able to make some huge changes in their record lives. In the end it happened to me too, especially in the last 3 days I was able to notice a drastic reprogramming of my subconscious, or rather I achieved such a reprogramming.

Changes are in full swing

Changes are in full swing

In this context, thoughts + feelings of change suddenly reached me. I really felt that there was a lot ahead of us and, above all, that a time would now dawn in which our dreams could be realized more easily than ever. This started with the sun as the new astrological ruler of the year on March 21, 2017. Since then, things have been going up and you can feel that huge changes are taking place on all levels of existence, be it in relation to our own original cause or even in relation to the political unrest that is currently prevailing. Change continues to progress and is manifesting itself more strongly than ever on our planet. In this regard, more and more people are consciously finding themselves in the process of spiritual awakening and are recognizing a lot of things beyond that world is completely wrong. These discrepancies, which are due to the deliberate concealment of the truth, are being recognized by more and more people and can no longer be accepted so easily. Ultimately, this also has to do with the imminent achievement of the critical mass of awakened people. At some point a point will simply be reached where so many people know about the oppression of our minds (keyword NWO), so that this knowledge or the truth will break down all barriers and set a revolution in motion. This achievement of critical mass could even be achieved in the next few weeks/months, as the awakening of the collective state of consciousness has become very noticeable (I personally hardly know any people who don't know about the corrupt political system, 3 years ago it was exactly the opposite). Well, to come back to the full moon and the month of May in particular, experience has shown that May itself is a month of change. In May, new paths often open up and an upswing comes into our lives.

Realigning our own state of consciousness can now be accomplished more easily than ever before. The signs are good and a completely new attitude to life awaits us in this regard..!!

I have observed this phenomenon several times in the last few days or since the beginning of the month. This gave me a completely new attitude to life and made it much easier for me to accept new things. Just one day of change was enough to experience a completely new direction in my state of consciousness. For example, there was a day when I was feeling rather depressed and I was convinced that this wouldn't change.

The vibrant month of May and its transformative full moon

Full moon energies2 healthy meals, 1 pot of chamomile tea + a training session later, I sat back in front of my PC full of energy, experienced a real wave of feelings of happiness and could no longer understand my previous, negatively oriented state of consciousness. These positive waves are becoming increasingly available to us and in 2 days, on the full moon in Scorpio, this realignment will reach a climax. For example, things that we have planned for years can be done with ease by this day, on this day and especially in the days that follow. A high for our own mental abilities is therefore in store for us. Resolving our own disagreements will now be easier and we will be able to reprogram our own subconscious much better. Changes are now becoming clearer and, above all, more important than ever. We break out of rigid life patterns and can transform into a beautiful “butterfly”. This potential lies deep within every person and can be fully developed at any time. Change is therefore again a key keyword here. It is important that we no longer close ourselves off to new things and fear changes, but that we welcome them and see them as an important aspect of life. Only when you change yourself do you change the world. Only when you change your thinking will you change your own reactions and actions, which in turn will change the world around you.

The coming time serves the consistent realignment of our own state of consciousness and changes of an unprecedented extent will therefore reach us..!!

The world is not the way it is, but the way you are. For this reason, it is advisable to use the coming energies of the full moon. If we can do this again and use the enormous potential that will now reach us, then new possibilities will open up for us, possibilities that will ultimately bring about a positive orientation of our own state of consciousness. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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