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In today's world, many people take it for granted that one judges things that in turn do not correspond to one's conditioned and inherited worldview. Many people find it difficult to deal with critical topics in a non-judgmental way. Instead of remaining unbiased and dealing with issues peacefully, people often judge far too quickly. In this context, things are simply put down far too quickly, defamed and, as a result, even ridiculed. Due to one's own egoistic mind (material oriented - 3D mind), In this regard, it is often difficult for us to look at things that seem completely foreign to us from the point of view of our own unbiased child.

From the eyes of the inner child

From the eyes of the inner childInstead, we judge the world of thoughts of another person, which seems alien to us, and as a result legitimize an internally accepted exclusion from other people in our own mind. We read or hear something that doesn't fit into our own worldview and then become insulting (What a load of nonsense, ridiculous, a madman - I don't want anything to do with him). Instead of looking at things from the unbiased point of view of our own inner child, being/remaining non-judgmental, empathetic or even peaceful, loving/respecting/tolerating our neighbor (even if we cannot identify with his or her point of view), we become angry and In such moments, we focus all our attention on our own discrepancy (what we see in other people only reflects our own inner parts). As far as that is concerned, I also experience such judgments again and again. In between, I read comments like: "That's nonsense", "Idiot", "how can you only mortify such nonsense" and some other insulting comments.

A judgmental state of consciousness always creates a reality marked by exclusion..!! 

Yesterday's article about NASA is also a prime example here. So I wrote in the article that I am convinced that Nasa is fooling us humans with countless fake shots of the ISS, objects generated with CGI and other tricks, that many shots simply have to be fakes, simply because too many artifacts and other inconsistencies can be seen.

open your mind

From the eyes of the inner childOf course, for many people such a claim sounds very implausible, simply because one has been conditioned from the ground up that such video footage presented to us by Nasa is the truth. These ideas and, above all, the recordings, the entire image material is part of our own reality and, as a result, also normal for us. To claim that many of these recordings are fake and that something bigger is being withheld/hidden from us scratches our own worldview far too much. For this reason, topics that seem too abstract for oneself are frowned upon or downright ridiculed. Instead of dealing with such a topic in a critical or even an unprejudiced manner, people judge instead, sometimes even insulting. In this context, a person wrote me the following yesterday: "Who put it in your brain?". When I read that I was a bit surprised. Sure, I expected critical reactions, but that someone in a spiritual group would write such a comment was very surprising for me personally. Of course, everyone is welcome to express their own world of ideas, I'm the last one who is against freedom of speech. Nevertheless, one should always keep in mind that a peaceful world cannot arise if we ourselves treat another person in such a degrading manner. A peaceful world simply cannot emerge if judgments and hatred are still legitimized in one's own mind. In the end we only limit the individual creative expression of another person + reduce his world of thoughts, his person and his life to a minimum. As is often the case, there is no way to peace, because peace is the way. There can be no peaceful world unless we embody such peace ourselves. As far as critical topics or even worlds of thought are concerned that seem strange to us, we should not judge them blindly or even drag them in the dirt, instead we should deal with them in a non-judgmental and, above all, unbiased way.

For our own mental + emotional development it is of the utmost importance to look at things from an unbiased point of view..!!

Of course, if we don't share a view or identify with it in any way, that's perfectly fine. But we get absolutely nothing out of it if we get angry in such a situation, legitimize hate in our own mind and then discredit another person, that in turn only leads to one thing and that is to an internally accepted exclusion from other people and that is something that stands in the way of peaceful coexistence. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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