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Today's daily energy on November 05th, 2023 continues to be determined by the waning moon, which in turn is in this phase until November 12th and then completely transitions into the new moon one day later. For this reason, we are still in a daily situation that is completely focused on acceptance. After all, the moon itself is closely interwoven with the human cycle and continuously influences our field. During a declining phase, everything is generally geared towards the decrease or reduction of countless aspects. Not only do trees support During such a moon phase, plants and co. have less water in them, but our cells themselves are more focused on the elimination of toxic substances, toxins and energies, which is why detoxification or corresponding processes are strongly encouraged until the new moon.

Moon in Leo

Fire and portal energiesOn the other hand, the waning moon has been in the zodiac sign Leo since yesterday morning. During the waning moon, the fire sign itself wants us to let go of inner conflicts and disagreements that cause us to have a blockage in our hearts. The zodiac sign Leo is also closely linked to our heart chakra. In Leo phases our heart field can therefore be particularly expanded. The moon, which on the one hand represents the unconscious, our inner child and also our feminine and hidden parts, can therefore ensure during a waning Leo phase that we recognize toxic patterns if necessary and, in the best case, let them go so that our heart field opens and the flow of our heart chakra starts to move.

Our heart essence in the foreground

On the other hand, this combination appeals to our sensory organs and allows us to reflect on our own self-expression. In this way, our inner fire would like to be made to blaze so that we can accept life again with full devotion and, above all, devote ourselves to our innermost heart's desires and dreams, instead of continuing to lead a life in which we consider ourselves limited. And since Leo's ruling planet is the sun, our own essence is always in the foreground, in this case even our heart essence. And as we have often said, the key to healing the world always lies in our hearts and the ability to love. Because only when love flows through our field can love flourish in the world, completely in accordance with the hermetic law, both large and small, internal and external. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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