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With today's daily energy on October 31, 2023, the influences of the third annual lunar festival Samhain (starting from the true beginning of the year on March 20th - the beginning of the spring equinox). For this reason, a very magical energy quality will reach us, because the annual 4 moon and sun festivals in particular bring us excitement every time New an extremely transformative, but also cycle-changing vibration quality. We often talk about profoundly changing energies that, thanks to their strong magic, essentially have a changing influence on our mind, body and soul system.

The energies of Samhain

HalloweenSamhain in particular, which is celebrated on the 11th new moon of the year according to the witchcraft calendar, was considered by the Celts to be an extremely important lunar festival that, above all, ushered in the cold season. As we move into November, we can generally see how the annual cycle has continued to complete itself. The nights have become significantly longer, darkness comes earlier, the trees have lost almost all of their leaves, the temperatures have dropped across the board and in some regions the first frost may already appear. The season of introspection and strong self-reflection has begun and Samhain marks the beginning of the transition into this time or into winter. For this reason, Samhain is also said to have the magic of initiating the transition into winter, i.e. this lunar festival is accompanied by a deep activation within nature. But in general, the meaning and, above all, the energy quality of Samhain goes much deeper. So Samhain is basically a holy festival that served as a harvest festival to shield oneself from dark energies. Purifying fire rituals were practiced to bring relief from difficult circumstances. Various precautions have therefore been taken so that the light will not only return in times to come (the return of the next annual cycle), but even persists. In general, however, the focus is on protecting and maintaining the light. For this reason, the festival served to keep away possible dark circumstances and dark entities. In the end it was the exact opposite of what is practiced today.

Preserve the light - turn away the dark

avert the darkNowadays people dress up in dark costumes, taking on the disguise of dark spirits, entities, etc. whereby they conjure up the dark directly or even allow it into their system. Seen in this way, the dark or, better yet, the devilish is celebrated instead of having the opposite effect. And since the veils to our subtle levels are significantly thinner on Samhain, corresponding access is easier to create. Seen in this way, simply through a dark entity/demonic disguise you become a vessel that can attract appropriate occupations. Last but not least, I have an exciting text about Samhain at this point:

“Samhain is a festival of transition, cold and hope for new life. Samhain also marks the beginning of the “Dark Year”, the introspective part of the year in which one looks at and, above all, within oneself. It is a quiet, quiet time. Nature is preparing to rest until Imbolc (the fourth and final lunar festival in February), migratory birds have flown to the warm south and the land is cool and dark. Now, when the natural energies settle down and the darkness of winter reigns, it is time to observe yourself, rest and prepare for the coming year. It's time to look back at what was done in the year just past and what the year and your own actions have brought. It's an opportunity to get to know yourself. Samhain is the festival when Mother Earth goes to rest.”

Well, either way, that shouldn't stop us from using the powerful energy of Samhain to awaken light within us. Tonight I will enter a deep mediative state and use meaningful affirmations and visualizations to invoke a magical winter. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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