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With today's daily energy on March 31, 2024, we still receive the energies of the sun, which has been in the zodiac sign Aries since the spring equinox (a driving quality). On the other hand, the special influences of Easter come to us, because Easter, especially Easter Sunday, essentially stands for the resurrection of Christ consciousness, that is, for the resurrection a pure, luminous, harmonious state of consciousness, based above all on freedom, divinity, love and wisdom, which is detached from any density.

The Resurrection of the Christ Consciousness

The Resurrection of the Christ ConsciousnessIn contrast, the last two days, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, embodied the old, dense world in which a spiritual state in which limitation and heaviness are manifest. Strictly speaking, we are talking about a spiritual field that is permeated by countless limitations and dark perspectives. However, today symbolically represents the end of this limitation and therefore represents the return of the eternally existing essence of Christ Consciousness. In this regard, there is also a divine spark anchored in every human being. An incredibly great and sacred potential rests in every soul and can fully emerge through a profound change in spiritual orientation. The energy of today wants to show us this potential and also show us what we can truly be destined to do. So it is a primal aspect of our being to enter a state of unity in which we keep all forces in balance. It is the key to transforming the world, as our frequency state shapes and shapes the external perceivable existence that is inextricably linked to us. Only when we ourselves achieve balance will all existing levels be brought into balance. Of course, the manifestation of a permanently balanced state requires a lot of mindfulness. In addition, the path to get there can be very treacherous, because everything tries to keep us from an inner divine alignment. Through countless deceptions we are supposed to be led away from the path of the wholesome and keep our view of what is holy clouded. We can observe this fact on so many levels. In this way, information becomes part of one's own truth, casting a dark light on what is truly healing and God-given. All of these are traps, because the ascension process, that is, the path from density to light, from deep darkness to light, requires great self-mastery, accompanied by unshakable faith and an open heart.

The return of the Christ energy to the world

The return of the Christ energy to the worldWell, at the end of the day, we are in the most unique phase. It is the beginning of the end times in which our inner ascension, along with the ascension of the world, is to be accomplished. No matter how hard we resist or turn to opposing principles, in the end we will all transition into a new state, the Christ Consciousness state. Incidentally, this high spiritual state also goes hand in hand with the awareness of being the most holy thing, the chosen core. The term Christ alone stands for the anointed or the chosen one. The Christ consciousness therefore means the elect consciousness. And within this chosen consciousness you look at a world, just as you do at people, in whom you also see the potential to develop such a state, because the outside and the inside are always one. The you and me make up the big picture. All people, the earth and the universe itself are essentially one, bound in their own and overarching spirit. For this reason, let us celebrate today and remember again the immeasurable potential that is anchored in each of us. We all have the potential for advancement within us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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