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Today's daily energy on March 31, 2021 is primarily shaped by the influences of the second portal day of the ten day portal day series and on the other side by the closing influences of March. This concludes a special month in an energetically powerful way. A month that led us into a new cycle of nature and, in particular, introduced the influx of spring energies with its highly magical equinox. The month of new beginnings introduced us to new structures from start to finish and I have to admit that this process has now truly taken place up to the final day today.

Final March energies

The last day of MarchMany new circumstances became manifest and an incredible amount happened. At the beginning of the month it was still very stormy, flushing, intense and dark as a result of February. Towards the end, however, this shadow changed and it became increasingly lighter/full of light. Much could be clarified and new ways and insights were shown to us. Of course, on an overarching global level, things continued to go hand in hand. The awakening continued and again new information reached us, which in turn fueled the overall awakening. The Morgellon Theme (parasitic loads in masks and tests), for example, prompted many to question (By the way, if you go shopping and are forced to wear a mask, simply tape it completely from the inside with adhesive tape - the mask expands and air flows in through the sides. Possible contamination is in turn reliably held back). This topic led me to a detoxification that I will now implement, which by the way is perfect for the waning moon anyway and can generally be a balm for our mind/body/soul system in the current days (Clearing heavy energies - to manifest more lightness). Ultimately, no matter how dark some news may be, we can take everything as a direct message to ourselves. Anyway, as the source itself, everything is completely tailored to us. Everything transmits important information to us and ONLY reflects ways in which we can move even more into the full of light, how we can let our inner divinity become even more manifest and, as a result, how we can clarify/purify ourselves internally. For this reason, we can only draw the good out of the aforementioned topic, and that's how it is with everything in the end. Never forget, the overriding concern is that human civilization should rise again to a divine civilization.

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A collective spirit that experiences itself again as the source/creator/god and, as a result, revives all the structures that characterize it in its divinity. Return of highly magical/divine/galactic abilities, a peaceful age with groundbreaking technologies and a completely free and nature-loving world, at the end of the day this is the dimension we will all enter. The more we let the supreme "I am" presence come to life ourselves (the reality of God – the self of God), the faster the planetary circumstance will adjust and change accordingly. And the way there, free from all fears and other feelings of lack, is paved more and more every day. Today's last day of March, along with the powerful portal day influences, can also make us perceive a corresponding feeling even more strongly. The month of upheaval and joie de vivre begins tomorrow. We are therefore now entering a mighty transition, which in turn is being accomplished through a great portal. It continues to remain highly magical and transformative. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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