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Today's daily energy on August 31, 2021 lets us feel the energetic end of the last summer month and now leads us directly into the month of transition, i.e. into September. The evenings begin progressively earlier, i.e. it gets dark earlier during the day, nature gradually withdraws, enters a state of inner peace and an autumnal energy slowly breathes but certainly a special magic in our nature. And with this beginning of the next phase in this second golden year (golden decade | The decade in which... everything changes), we will now experience a next period of deep awakening.

The energies of September

completion and a new beginningAnd this period will once again bring us profound upheavals, that much is certain. We have been expecting for months that autumn will involve the collective deeply in internal processes of change. In this context, the quantum leap into awakening forces the collective, in this example implemented through cabal structures, to make us all inner whole - to ascend into the highest state of God (the flow within our crown chakra). And everyone who still eludes it, i.e. on the one hand the people who close themselves off to all of this and continue to be dependent on the system and on the other hand those who have already looked deep behind the scenes of the system and also their own mind, but are still subject to inner conflicts, You will now experience increasing waves of circumstances that lead you into a state of deep self-reflection, recognition and mastery. The overarching pull into our own mastery process, along with the shift in our spiritual orientation towards balance, harmony and holiness, will therefore become overwhelming in the coming months. We will learn the basics of this process starting in September. So we will certainly experience harsh restrictions within the system, but this is absolutely necessary so that we learn to give ourselves more attention and also to be able to recognize how out of balance the world is (our world). September will therefore pave the way for a new quality of energy and reveal to us a world that may seem very strict, but only wants to draw the collective consciousness into ascension through this path. The 5D will crystallize more and more and will truly experience a very enlightening and clear phase, whereby the world will literally fall apart. Great circumstances therefore await us.

completion and a new beginning

And with the current two portal days, this transition will be initiated. So August ends with a portal day, i.e. we move through a large portal, continuing on September 01st, so that we experience the end of a cycle and, at the same time, enter directly into a new cycle, a cycle that is on the world stage (just like in our inner soul life) will bring many changes. Ultimately, we have lived through these phases again and again over the past two years. The collective is now used to the current system situation, but now this phase will turn 180 degrees again and once again show us major upheavals. We are currently living through circumstances that are driven at a gigantic pace, which is why you hardly have the opportunity to get used to a new condition/circumstance or as soon as you get used to it, the cards are reshuffled (and we are heading for the best hand). Therefore, always consider that everything that is currently happening is happening entirely for our good.

Prepare yourself

Well, last but not least, I would like to draw attention to a new system on our part that we have developed over the past few months. Next to the Diamond system, the primary spring water generated, we now have one Outdoor water filtration and refining system developed, which produces high-quality drinking water/spring water anywhere or from any freshwater source without any electricity. Whether lake water, puddles, ponds, rivers or general areas in which water is embedded, thanks to a high-quality lever pump, water can be produced anywhere in no time that is completely free of germs/pollutants and is also revitalized. Not only do you no longer have to worry about water as a resource when camping, but you are also completely protected in the event of a crisis, at least as far as drinking water is concerned, and can continuously supply yourself and your family with high-quality drinking water. Finally, I would like to refer you to a new video from us in which we demonstrate the system and filter dirty/dark pond water to crystal clarity again. With that in mind, please take a look. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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