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daily energy

With today's daily energy on October 30, 2022, the influences of the moon, which is still waxing, reach us on the one hand, which in turn changed yesterday to the earthing and also stability-seeking earth sign Capricorn. On the other hand, Mars will also turn retrograde at 15:19 p.m. in Gemini (until January 12, 2023) and brings to the planetary in this regard A new quality of energy comes into play. In this context, retrograde planetary phases in particular are always accompanied by a corresponding deceleration or even important examination and self-reflection.

Mars goes retrograde

daily energyIn this regard, Mars is also one of the planets that only goes retrograde very rarely, in fact only every two and a half years. For this reason, its retrograde phase is always accompanied by a special introspection and review. Mars, which in turn represents our willpower, assertiveness and activity (In the woman's birth horoscope, Mars and the corresponding zodiac signs represent the man/partner and how you want/imagine him - what is important to you), causes many unfulfilled inner states to bubble up during its retrograde phase. Existing conflicts are intensifying and efforts should be made to end old disharmonious circumstances. The corresponding letting go processes are strongly encouraged. During its retrograde phase, the issues that are being prevented from moving forward are particularly addressed. Instead of looking forward and ignoring old conflicts/problems, these partially repressed inner programs are increasingly brought into our daily consciousness. Ultimately, the next two months are a great opportunity to look at your own problems. And thanks to the autumn/winter energy, a corresponding review is strongly encouraged anyway, because hardly any other time in the annual cycle draws us so strongly into our own inner world. Well, otherwise retrograde Mars is also in the zodiac sign Gemini. The communicative and very changeable air sign ensures that verbal arguments can increase in retrograde Mars. However, this circumstance could also be expressed in the fact that unspoken things are expressed; the same applies to general discussions to resolve long-standing conflicts.

time change

time changeWell, the next two months can be very helpful to us in this regard and allow us to make strong progress. If you face your inner issues now and start working on them, you can free your inner space from stressful energies so that you can get started full of energy and strength, especially in the new year. But before that happens, we will first experience the special transition into November (Halloween). The winter time change also took place last night. During the night the clocks were set back one hour at 03:00 a.m. So the night is longer again and the days are significantly shorter. Winter is now slowly but surely beginning. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂



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