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With today's daily energy on November 30, 2023, we are now about to enter the first winter month of December. For this reason, a completely new quality of energy will now reach us again, essentially a quality that is of a withdrawing and, above all, quiet nature. This is how December always goes, with the energy of calm, meditation, and withdrawal and relaxation. And even if this circumstance is sometimes experienced in a contrary way, especially when one thinks of the sometimes hectic Christmas preparations, we are entering the first month of winter and winter always calls on us to retreat.

The first month of winter

The first month of winterIt will be until the winter solstice (on December 22nd) continue to darken earlier. The leaves now completely fall off the trees, nature retreats accordingly and peace generally returns to the cooler landscapes. Accordingly, December is also the perfect time to retreat, as already mentioned, or, above all, to reflect on the past few months. We can surrender to peace, reflect deeply on our own being and draw strength from this seclusion and silence. On the other hand, we also get Christmas Eve, a celebration that is essentially accompanied by incredible magic. The festival not only carries the “holy” vibration within itself and is recalled internally or mentally by part of the collective, but moreover these holidays are always accompanied by the greatest moments of peace of the year. As I said, especially on these days, nature and animals sense people's contemplation and carefree attitude (Of course, not everyone is like that, but most families are anchored in this energy on Christmas Eve), which is why a walk through nature (on this day) is accompanied by such an extremely strong magic and peace that I rarely experience on any other day of the year. Well then, otherwise various new astrological constellations and positions will occur again in December. You can find out what these are below:

Mercury moves to Capricorn

First of all, Mercury moves into the zodiac sign Capricorn on December 01st. The planet of communication and sensory impressions changes its orientation significantly in Capricorn. This marks the beginning of a phase in which we can approach certain circumstances in a much more grounded and rational manner from a communicative perspective. We could also feel a tendency towards disciplined thinking and acting. In the same way, due to this earthy connection, order is in the foreground in interpersonal relationships or, better said, we ourselves might feel the urge to bring appropriate calm and structure into relationships. Our voice wants to be used for diplomatic, safe and calm discussions. Grounded considerations of life are encouraged. On the other hand, we could be much more down-to-earth in our overall expression. We can pursue goals with zeal and work on implementing various projects in a structured manner and with great persistence. Well, the Mercury-Capricorn connection has a diplomatic and rational energy in particular.

Venus moves into Scorpio

Venus moves into Scorpio

Exactly three days later, i.e. on December 04th, Venus changes to the zodiac sign Scorpio. With Venus in the zodiac sign Scorpio, a new quality is brought into our relationships and existing partnerships. In this way, Scorpio can strongly appeal to our sexuality and make us extremely sensual (we may feel an increased pull for sensual moments). On the other hand, Scorpio wants to provide clarity and encourages us to let go of old or burdensome structures within partnerships or interpersonal relationships. The scorpion pierces deep wounds with its stinger and pulls out all the unfulfilled, unspoken and hidden parts of us. For this reason, such a Scorpio/Venus period can not only be very fiery, but also very conflictual or stormy. Scorpio wants to heal relationships or fragile connections and can do this in a very conflictual and impulsive way. For this reason, in such a phase it may be more appropriate than ever to root yourself more firmly in a state of calm.

Neptune becomes direct

Two days later, on December 06th, Neptune in the zodiac sign Pisces will become direct again. The direct nature of the Pisces zodiac sign triggers a forward thrust overall, which can be particularly expressed in the area of ​​self-knowledge and spirituality or spiritual search/further development. Neptune is also the ruling planet of the Pisces zodiac sign. At their core, both are accompanied by a certain level of obfuscation, illusory thinking and a withdrawal, or rather a “being withdrawn” in this regard. Scorpio always wants to produce everything. The sensitive Pisces zodiac sign has the opposite effect. In its directness, many important points can be initiated and we gain deep self-knowledge about our own being. In essence, we could also speak of spiritual development, which is strongly addressed by this combination. This is exactly how aspects that have remained obscured or in the fog this year can come to the surface.

New moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius

SagittariusOn December 13th we will see a special new moon in Sagittarius, opposite which the sun will be in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. For this reason, twice the energy of the meaning-seeking fire sign will reach us on this day. The new moon will be accompanied by a forward-driving energy, at least in terms of finding meaning, optimism and striving for higher things, because the Sagittarius zodiac sign in particular likes to encourage us to realize ourselves. That's why the Sagittarius sign always gives us a strong tendency towards self-knowledge. It's about penetrating even deeper into our own true core in order to subsequently manifest the truest self-image. During this coming new moon we may also feel a special drive within us. We make plans internally and think about how we can optimally realize ourselves, for the benefit of our being and also for the benefit of the collective.

Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn

On December 13th, Mercury's retrograde phase begins again. In this context, Mercury is also considered a planet of communication and intellect. In particular, it can have a strong influence on our logical thinking, our ability to learn, our ability to concentrate and also our linguistic expression. On the other hand, it also influences our ability to make decisions and brings any type of communication to the fore. In its declining phase, however, its effects can be of a more decelerated nature, which can, for example, lead to misunderstandings and general problems or pronunciations become bumpy. Conversations do not lead to the desired results, especially if we are not anchored in our own center during this phase and do not allow ourselves to remain calm. Negotiations of any kind are therefore rather counterproductive, which is why it is often said that we should not conclude any contracts in such a phase. With Mercury retrograde, we are asked to pause and withdraw in this regard instead of rushing into circumstances. This is intended to give us the opportunity to think about circumstances or even possible actions on our part, so that we can then move forward thoughtfully and thoughtfully at the end of this phase.

The Winter Solstice & Sun in Capricorn

On December 22nd, on the one hand, we reach the monthly solar change, i.e. the sun changes from the zodiac sign Sagittarius to the zodiac sign Capricorn, and on the other hand, on this day we reach one of the four annual sun festivals (the Yule festival), namely the winter solstice. The winter solstice coincides with the full activation of winter. For this reason, the winter solstice is often referred to as the true beginning of winter. On the other hand, the winter solstice also brings us a big turnaround, because the day marks the darkest day of the year, when the day is the shortest and the night is the longest (less than 8 hours). The winter solstice therefore marks exactly the point at which the days slowly become brighter again and we therefore experience more daylight. Thus, after this special event, we are heading towards the return of the light (vernal equinox) and subsequently experience a return to the liveliness and activation of nature. It is therefore an energetically very significant day, namely the “darkest day” of the year (our inner shadows are completely addressed in depth before they can then be completely lightened), which brings with it a cleansing and, above all, special natural vibration. It is not for nothing that this day was extensively celebrated by a wide variety of earlier cultures and advanced civilizations and the winter solstice was viewed as a turning point on which light is reborn.

Mercury moves into Sagittarius

Mercury moves into SagittariusOn December 23rd, Mercury, which continues to retrograde, moves into the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Basically, the typical effects of the Mercury retrograde phase will continue, i.e. we should not conclude any contracts, keep a low profile in this regard, withdraw and not rush into any decisions. Because of Sagittarius, a different quality of energy is added, through which we can deal more intensively with philosophical and sensory questions. There can also be a strong inner urge to exchange ideas, ideas and views. However, due to the retrograde, we should be more cautious here and let the relevant findings become manifest until the direct phase.

Full moon in the zodiac sign Cancer

Full moon in the zodiac sign CancerFour days later, on December 27th to be precise, a full moon will manifest itself in the zodiac sign Cancer. Due to the Cancer zodiac sign, a time will begin when it will be important to immerse yourself in the flow of life. The water sign wants to make everything flow and let us feel fullness and harmony, especially in relation to our own emotional life. Full moons, which generally stand for abundance, perfection, wholeness and maximality, show us the principle of fundamental and, above all, always manifestable abundance and can accordingly awaken the longing for completeness in us. And apart from a healing or unique and divine self-image, there is hardly anything more complete than being in harmony with yourself, i.e. with your own being and also with your own emotional world, instead of living out a strong inner imbalance. In this regard, the moon generally goes hand in hand with the illumination of our own emotional world. Above all, it can bring hidden feelings to the surface and, especially in its complete form, illuminate deep or unresolved feelings on our part. The Cancer Full Moon will therefore manifest a very sensitive and family/connection-oriented emotional world. The energy can arise within ourselves to want to see or even experience our loved ones. Empathy or compassion can be very important.

Chiron becomes direct in Aries

On December 27th, Chiron will also go direct in the zodiac sign Aries. Chiron itself, which represents a celestial body or one of the small ones (Asteroid-like) belongs to bodies, representing the wounded healer. Basically, Chiron is always about our deepest inner wounds, conflicts and primal traumas. During a retrograde phase, we can therefore be directly confronted with these deep wounds and therefore go through deep valleys and emotional chasms. During a direct phase, things move forward again in this regard and we can move forward freely. After all, especially in a retrograde Chiron phase, we can clean up or heal some things due to the direct confrontation with internal wounds, which means we can move forward in a clarified manner in the subsequent direct phase. In the zodiac sign Aries, which is associated with action and the power to implement things, we can leave old patterns and wounds behind us and, as a result, manifest a more liberated living situation.

Venus moves into Sagittarius

daily energyOn December 29th, Venus moves into the zodiac sign Sagittarius. As a result, a quieter time will begin again, at least in relation to partnerships and also in relation to the connection to ourselves, because the previous Scorpio, who was able to bring many shadows to the surface in this regard, will be replaced by the idealistic and fiery Sagittarius. On the one hand, this manifests an inner drive through which more momentum can flow into the connection with ourselves and also into partnership relationships. On the other hand, this constellation can cause us to rethink our connections or want to recognize the meaning behind such relationships. It's about the further development of consciousness within our connections. More lightness should become manifest and deep conversations can give us great motivation.

Jupiter goes direct in Taurus

Last but not least, Jupiter goes direct in the zodiac sign Taurus. This combination is extremely powerful and can bring us incredible abundance. The combination of Jupiter and Taurus or Jupiter and the second house always represents material possessions, finances and generally all financial matters that result in growth and expansion. The direct transit of Jupiter in Taurus therefore triggers a tremendous upswing and push, which, if we use our power of implementation to create new circumstances, products, etc., can be accompanied by tremendous abundance and possession. It is therefore a very abundant energy quality that then becomes manifest and benefits us all.


In December we receive an incredible number of special planetary combinations and changes, which will greatly influence the quality of December. Nevertheless, the overall focus will be on an energy of withdrawal, silence and inner growth. Not only is winter fully ushering in, Mercury is also retrograde and the rough nights are generally upon us. Essentially, the first month of winter is always about entering peace and relaxation, just as nature shows us year after year. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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