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With today's daily energy on April 30, 2024, the final influences of April are reaching us and we are about to enter the third and final spring month of May. This means that the changing month of April, which was quite a challenge in the truest sense of the word due to the Scorpio Super Full Moon, comes to an end and we move on to the warmer months. In keeping with this, the transition into May is now also initiated by another special constellation.

Mars moves into the zodiac sign Aries

Mars moves into the zodiac sign AriesIn this regard, Mars moves from the dreamy and final sign of Pisces into Aries. The warrior planet or planet of will and determination can now give us a strong forward thrust. Especially in the fiery sign of Aries, an activating, progressive, but also impetuous and heated influence arises. The main focus is on realizing our plans, which we can or even want to pursue with all our might under this constellation. Basically, in this phase we can move forward with extreme determination, courage and, above all, action, which will enable us to realize ourselves more strongly than ever before. On the other hand, this strong warrior and fire energy, at least when we are not in harmony ourselves, favors impatient and reckless moods in the realization of our own plans. Here we should proceed carefully and mindfully. Regardless, this constellation is very inspiring and can reawaken our inner drive, in contrast to the previous Pisces phase, which seemed completely contrary (little assertiveness).

The portal days in May

Mars in the zodiac sign AriesIn addition to this change in constellation, it should also be said that today represents a portal day. For this reason, we can experience the final April as particularly transformative. After all, portal days, as the name itself suggests, take us through a large portal. This primarily means a transition that should lead to a new state of consciousness. So, at their core, worlds and dimensions represent nothing more than different states of consciousness (the ground of everything is mind/consciousness). I would also like to point out that we will also receive some portal days in May on the following days: On the 5th | on the 11th | on the 18th | on 19 | on 26 | and on May 30th. May will therefore have some intense and, above all, transformational days in store for us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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