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Today's daily energy on April 29, 2022 is, on the one hand, shaped by the energies of the fourth and last portal day, i.e. we are passing through the last April portal today, which will lead us directly into tomorrow's new moon in the zodiac sign Aries. This day will be very strong in terms of intensity. Tomorrow's new moon will be accompanied by a partial solar eclipse on the other side. From a purely energetic point of view, important decisions are set within the collective energy system and we can also prepare for days full of change, readjustment and a shift in consciousness. Eclipses in particular always flush a lot of ballast or heavy energies out of our systems. But there will be a separate daily energy article for the partial solar eclipse tomorrow.

Another portal

Fire energiesToday we are first passing through the last April portal, which wants to lead us into the next and especially last month of spring full of energy and enthusiasm. In this context, we are now in high spring. Nature blooms in all its splendor, medicinal plants thrive and countless blossoms and flowers appear. In keeping with this, I also noticed that nature had been activated so strongly and that so many medicinal plants had grown that it really amazed me. Especially in the current times, in which people have allowed their inner space to be infiltrated by disharmonious or very stressful information and reports and many people have also allowed themselves to be “smurfed”, humanity needs significantly more healing. The medicinal plants therefore present themselves in this current enormous diversity, at least that is my personal impression, because we need this healing or these vital substances and vitality more than ever. Well, today's portal brings with it an additional upswing and leads us even more strongly into the high spring energies. The last month of spring is upon us and we can initiate a general blooming within ourselves.

portal dayFire energies

In keeping with this, the Aries quality is also affecting us these days. The moon is in the zodiac sign Aries, which is exactly how tomorrow's new moon will begin in the Aries zodiac sign. In this regard, the energy of the new continues to reach us, as does the energy quality of the element fire. We can therefore ignite ourselves and activate new circumstances or a general new orientation within ourselves, corresponding to the first zodiac sign in the zodiac cycle. A special quote also comes to mind:

“If you want to experience something you’ve never experienced before, then you have to do something you haven’t done before.”

Only when we fundamentally change the orientation of our mind and allow new beliefs and perspectives to become manifest, only then are we able to create a completely new reality. Otherwise, we will keep attracting circumstances that correspond to our daily routine. Only when we break through our daily comfort zone and, above all, our stressful routines, only when we dare to take new paths, will we be able to experience completely new living conditions. Let us therefore use today's portal and, above all, today's fire energies and fundamentally work towards the emergence of new conditions. We can wear anything. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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