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Lunar eclipse

With today's daily energy on October 28, 2023, the powerful energy of the penumbral lunar eclipse reaches us. The lunar eclipse begins at 20:00 p.m., the moon then enters the penumbra, at 21:30 p.m. the moon enters the umbra, the maximum point of the lunar eclipse is reached at 22:14 p.m. and leaves at 22:50 p.m the moon forms the umbra and at 00:28 a.m. the eclipse ends completely. We are now confronted with the full effects of this ancient energy quality, which not only leads to stressful circumstances Conclusion will lead to, i.e. circumstances that occurred on the day of the partial solar eclipse two weeks ago our daily consciousness, have been moved (the eclipse cycle), but on the other hand, countless hidden structures will come to the surface. It is primarily about becoming aware and establishing a new path in life, because this cycle is now completely paved. A new path in life that can be achieved by letting go of old, damaging circumstances.

Old comes to an end

Lunar eclipseIn general, the lunar eclipse is accompanied by a fateful energy that affects our system (and the collective – the global level) addresses the depths and brings countless unfulfilled states to the surface. An important review takes place in which aspects come to a conclusion that no longer fit our current frequency alignment and/or circumstances remain that are in turn useful for our inner ascension process (our deepest reality is brought before us). In doing so, a completely new path can be fundamentally paved that leads us to a new state of consciousness. At the core, a VERY POWERFUL ORIGINAL FORCE acts on all of us, leading our own development process to a new level. It is a power that benefits the entire collective ascension process by making hidden and, above all, unfulfilled parts visible. And since today's total lunar eclipse is in the zodiac sign Taurus, we will be particularly confronted with issues where we continue to remain in our own comfort zone and are unable to free ourselves from old prisons, destructive structures and chained mental orientations . It's about our true core, our true being and, above all, the circumstances/aspects that we really want in our lives.

Creating a new future in the now

Lunar eclipseThe lunar eclipse in Taurus also takes place during the rising lunar node, which is why, as already mentioned, the focus is on the future. Stressful programs from the past have therefore been completely released in the last two weeks so that we can now manifest a new way of life through this change of our mind. It is therefore about creating a much more harmonious and better future for ourselves. After all, when it comes to this, there are an infinite number of realities and circumstances that can be experienced. The future is created by our own mind, in which our vibrational state manifests the reality that is most similar to our own mind or field. However, through eclipses, conflicts on our part, which we were not even aware of or which remained deeply hidden but nevertheless robbed us of a lot of freedom and life energy, are seen and resolved. By clearing up the conflicts, we achieve more independence, self-love and harmony, i.e. our own vibrational state changes and in this way we in turn attract a new reality, namely a reality that resembles our new vibrational state. Pure magic happens in the background that wants to take us to a new level. In this regard, I will also quote an older section from my site again:

“A full moon is always the culmination of the sun-moon cycle. A lunar eclipse amplifies the effect of a full moon immensely. Eclipses come in cycles and always indicate completion or the pinnacle of development, coupled with a need to close, let go, or leave the past behind. A lunar eclipse is like a gigantic full moon. If the light comes back after the maximum darkening, nothing remains hidden - the bright full moon acts like a spotlight that brings light into the darkness.

What is a lunar eclipse?

During a lunar eclipse, the earth moves between the sun and the moon. This can only happen on a full moon. Eclipses bring a blockage of light. They mark the seed moment of a new era, a new quality that wants to unfold and grow. The moon represents the unconscious, our intuition and instincts. A lunar eclipse is less visible on the outside than a solar eclipse. When the moon eclipses, it affects our unconscious. We get insights into hidden and split-off parts of the soul, which can bring our deepest roots to mind. This is why we can now become frighteningly aware of mental entanglements, which can lead to the termination of unhealthy structures/connections. Lunar eclipses can certainly trigger family and relationship dramas. Eclipses bring fateful changes. We now have the opportunity to take our lives in a new direction."

The 2 year cycle

Well, finally, it should be said that this eclipse cycle even ends a section that began two years ago with the first eclipse in May 2021. Topics or stressful circumstances that were created or lived for this purpose and have not yet found harmony are now coming to a great conclusion. This can be an unfulfilling work situation, a stressful relationship, an unnatural lifestyle, a toxic circumstance that you have gotten yourself into, or it can be generally toxic beliefs that we have now become aware of. Today is therefore extremely magical and of great importance for our individual prosperity. Let us therefore welcome the energies and rejoice in this special energy quality. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Anahato 1. November 2023, 11: 34

      Thank you for all our love

    Anahato 1. November 2023, 11: 34

    Thank you for all our love