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daily energy

Today's daily energy on January 28th, 2022 is mainly shaped by the influences of the fifth portal day and accordingly still gives us the influences of the large open portal, through which we can continue to move spiritually into completely new levels of our being. In addition, with the fifth portal day we have reached the golden mean. Now that we have completed a four-day journey into the depths of our own origins, we can now consolidate previous findings and conditions and, if necessary, allow ourselves to have a little rest and relaxation this Friday.

The Golden middle

The Golden middleAfter all, with the fifth portal day a completely different vibration quality reaches us again. Of course, the journey continues into the deepest areas of our being, because this phase primarily serves to increase our self-image and refine our entire energy system, but with the five we can now strengthen ourselves again in our inner center let ourselves be led into it or even align ourselves with balance. As far as this is concerned, everything generally follows the universal laws. And a law says that deep down everything strives for balance, peace and harmony, whether on a large or small scale, this pull can be seen everywhere and, above all, felt. Basically, deep down, everything wants to experience a state of balance and harmony. Nevertheless, humanity or the collective spirit has allowed itself to be diverted from its inner center and mostly follows the path of explosion (instead of implosion - the entire world and its technologies are based on the principle of explosion/destruction). But our true strength lies in our golden mean, a state in which we are anchored in maximum harmony and have therefore united light and shadow, masculinity and femininity. A state in which we no longer see the outer world and our inner world as separate, but we can experience everything as a whole.

The perfection

daily energyIt is the fusion of all being. A state in which we are exactly the same God, Christ and the Holy Spirit not see it as separate, but rather be able to recognize/feel the Trinity in ourselves and also in the world, i.e. in everything that exists (Whoever elevates himself and can feel himself to be divine, who knows and feels that he himself is completely holy, heals himself or his own spirit, it is the manifestation of the holy spirit within his own spirit or his own spirit that becomes holy . It is then possible to experience a state in which you have God, Christ and the Holy Spirit revived within you. The complementation of God consciousness, Christ consciousness and holy consciousness - we therefore find all states, wisdom and answers within ourselves - because we are everything and everything is ourselves). Ultimately, there is no separation. At the core, we can perceive an all-encompassing unity and when we become maximally aware of this unity, then we experience a gigantic fusion within our minds.

Get into harmony

It is the special feeling that everything is one and one is everything, that you are everything and everything is yourself, that separation was just a state that in turn arose from an unconscious/dense mind. And when we become aware of this state, then at the same time we automatically reach a state of perfect harmony. And that is exactly what brings the world back into balance. Only when we ourselves achieve harmony can the external world also achieve harmony and matter can adapt accordingly. Let us therefore use today's fifth portal day and let this state become manifest or rely more heavily on the law of balance or the golden mean. Everything becomes manageable as long as we have arrived at our own center, i.e. as long as we bathe all of our cells in peace and thereby allow peace to enter our minds. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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