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Today's daily energy on September 27, 2019 is mainly characterized by strong energetic influences, because on the one hand today is a portal day, a circumstance that is generally associated with strong frequency influences (the last one this month - the upcoming portal days in October are as follows: on August 5th, 8th, 13th, 16th to 26st.) and on the other hand, a regenerating new moon will reach us tomorrow in the zodiac sign Libra. In this context This new moon will also be all about interpersonal relationships and will therefore be aimed at strong healing processes.

Portal Day Influences & Preliminary New Moon Energies

After all, appropriate healing is more important than ever. In the current time of spiritual awakening, which has repeatedly reached new heights, particularly in the past months, weeks and, above all, days (Rarely have the days been so mystical, magical, consciousness-changing and, above all, leading into original knowledge - origin consciousness, - you yourself are the origin of everything/the source of everything - allowing the highest ideas of yourself to become manifest instead of limiting yourself, - you Everything itself, surrounded by everything, is the fixed point, the most important authority!!) we get more and more into healing processes and can thereby experience the completion of countless healing processes through the resolution of our own conflicts. A corresponding cleansing/healing is essential and is a direct result of the current frequency increases (planetary cleansing). Well and tomorrow's new moon paves the way, because of his "Scale connection", an access to our deepest bond, namely the connection/relationship with ourselves. As far as this is concerned, all relationships reach outside (as inside so outside & vice versa - the outer world is our inner world and vice versa - our inner world projects into the outside) only come into harmony when we heal the relationship with ourselves in this regard, because at the end of the day the entire external world or all people only represent our energy or our spirit, projected on the outside (you yourself are everything, - everything outside is ultimately nothing other than your own idea of ​​the outside, - everything is a part of your own perception, - everything can therefore be traced back to yourself, - everything is yourself and you yourself are everything)

When you love yourself, you love those around you. If you hate yourself, you hate those around you. Your relationship with others is just a reflection of yourself. – Osho..!!

And tomorrow will allow us to experience this fact in a special way. As I said, tomorrow's new moon will be all about relationships (i.e. the relationship with ourselves) stand and allow a reorganization, harmony & balance/healing to become manifest if we open ourselves to it. And today's portal day, combined with the preliminary new moon influences, will set an important course for this day. We now have intensive but also very healing hours ahead of us. Well, finally and above all in keeping with these lines, I would like to once again draw attention to another spiritual congress of “Hara-Meets-Wombpower”, this time focusing particularly on the topic of “Ancient Knowledge” (most recently it was the topic of abundance). Countless scholars and co. was asked about this topic, which at the end of the day resulted in many very exciting and, above all, informative interviews. If you are interested or are currently receptive to new ideas, you can go to the congress here: Ancient knowledge.  With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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