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Today's daily energy on June 27, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the moon, which in turn is in the zodiac sign Aries in the first half of the day (Self-realization- bundle of energy), but then from 15:26 p.m. into the zodiac sign Taurus changes and accordingly gives us new impulses (persistent behavior - confrontation with one's own comfort zone - sociability). On the other hand, the current days are still associated with a strong healing and, above all, abundance potential.

Healing Potential & Moon Change

Healing Potential & Moon ChangeUltimately, both go hand in hand in this regard, because a healed or balanced mind/body/soul system simply goes hand in hand with abundance. You yourself have created a strong mindset and are inwardly confident that everything that is currently happening and that everything that is yet to happen will be absolutely right. In a certain way you live out a basic trust, i.e. a state or a reality in which a lot of healing has taken place. And a corresponding basic trust is always accompanied by abundance, because one has complete trust in oneself and automatically assumes that abundance - instead of lack - will become manifest and will permeate the rest of life. Today's daily energy can therefore, just as is generally the case in the current days, continue to lead us into our basic trust and lead us even deeper into our own healing.

We don't have to die to get to heaven. In fact, it is enough to be fully alive. If we breathe in and out attentively and if we hug a beautiful tree, we are in heaven. When we take a conscious breath, being aware of our eyes, heart, liver and non-toothache, we are immediately carried to paradise. peace is there. We just have to touch him. When we are fully alive, we can experience that the tree is part of heaven and that we are also part of heaven. – Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

As I said, self-realization, healing, abundance, dissolution of lower 3D beliefs and other self-created destructive structures, all of this is more important than ever and we can transform ourselves incredibly, can complete a very special metamorphosis (or even set it in motion - depending on the circumstances of life - depending on the state of consciousness/frequency - everyone works on their individual topics). In combination with the current energy potential, an incredible amount is possible. Anything can be changed, anything, NOW. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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