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Today's daily energy on January 27, 2022 is mainly shaped by the influences of the fourth portal day of the current ten-day portal day series and accordingly takes us even deeper through the large open portal. Just like yesterday Daily energy items described, we are all currently experiencing an extremely consciousness-changing journey within this crossing, in which our energy systems are fed with completely new impulses and information, energies that lead us even further back to our own origins.

Air and fire

Air and fireThe current portal day phase therefore carries incredible power and lifts our spirit into new areas and at an immeasurable speed. Conflicts, problems and general inner disharmony, through which we repeatedly live out a state of inner imbalance, can now be cleared up and let go more strongly than ever, just as I described yesterday, past conflicts that have suddenly become extremely widespread within these days seemed distant and therefore lost in importance, i.e. conflicts that could no longer exert any power over me because they suddenly seemed extremely far away. Ultimately, this is also a great magic within the current portal days, the frequency level is so high that our spirit is truly lifted into the air and leaves countless heavy structures behind it. And that we are also in an Aquarius phase, i.e. in an air phase (because the sun is currently passing through this zodiac sign), once again illustrates our inner ascension. This portal day phase is truly designed for us to completely elevate ourselves, i.e. to leave our burdens and heavy energies behind us so that we can then immerse ourselves in lightness. And since the moon switches to the fire sign Sagittarius at 08:35 a.m., we are given the necessary energy to complete this inner ascension. As I said, ultimately we all have the potential within us to manifest a state in which we are completely carefree, light, happy, loving/affectionate and, above all, flooded with abundance. Within our highest/sacred self-image we can experience deepest joy and calm. It is a highly magical state, just as Christ taught it or rather embodied it, the state in which one's own spirit or one's own incarnation has been mastered and we have accordingly arrived in divine being (the highest “I AM PRESENCE”).

The journey within different dimensions

The journey into the lightAnd it is precisely this state that not only is every person entitled to, but it truly marks the final destination at the end of everyone's journey. It is the fulfilled reality that in turn represents the key to healing the world; it is the spiritual state from which a peaceful and light-drenched world can emerge. Be yourself the light you want for this world and you will create a world in which this light will come to life. Every day we travel with our own minds across the most diverse dimensions/worlds = ideas/thoughts/feelings/experiences (one's mind expanding to new circumstances) and always choose for ourselves which worlds we surrender to. As a source, we ourselves carry all possibilities or worlds within us and decide whether we travel with our spirit to worlds that are heavy or burdened and saturated with fear, anger, shame and suffering, or worlds that are full of holiness, divinity, love and peace to be accompanied. This ability is one of the most fundamental abilities that every human being has. The more often we immerse ourselves in ideas/worlds that are energetically lighter/holy in nature, the more holiness/healing we send to our entire cell environment and the more we bring this abundance into the collective.

The journey into the light

We then ensure that this world becomes increasingly manifest on the outside, first within ourselves and then step by step in the world. For this reason, we should be trapped in fear with all our might so that we maintain a world permeated by fear. But anyone who bathes in a state of connection with nature, who recognizes/feels themselves as holy/divine, has absolute trust and also bathes in corresponding feelings of lightness, is in turn using the key to healing the world. And of course this is often difficult for us, because the game of life or the beginning of (to our) Existence began in density. We are trained to go into suffering and pain again and again, instead of remaining anchored in an open heart, instead of not allowing ourselves to be brought out of our own center and wishing everyone peace. It is therefore one of the greatest circumstances to be mastered, i.e. the revival of the ability, as a creator, to be permanently anchored in a state of unconditional love again. Well, nonetheless, we are in a very powerful portal day phase and the current energy quality wants to lead us into exactly such a state. The greatest master test for all of us is taking place, in which it is about leaving the old, difficult and painful conditions in order to be able to permanently revive a spiritual state full of healing, which then leads us into the greatest miracles. Let us therefore also welcome the fourth portal day and step into our hearts with greater intensity. We can implement this, at any time, in any moment. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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