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Today's daily energy on February 27, 2022 will mainly be characterized by very stormy, intense, fiery and above all explosive influences, which, in keeping with the current month of February (which, as we know, also represents the month of purification), flush everything out and generally involve big changes. This is how the process of cleaning our energy systems works, along with the cleaning of all overarching fields, also at full speed and truly flushes out countless heavy energies from our realities and inner states. One could therefore also speak of a gigantic solution process, i.e. old realities, paradigms and density-based energies are dissolving in the form of limiting beliefs, convictions, ideas and states, which means that we are once again increasingly in a position to focus on solution, instead of letting problems-based conditions revive (be anchored in the truth).

What is CURRENTLY happening in the WORLD

What is CURRENTLY happening in the WORLDAppropriately, this violent February energy mix is ​​also expressed in the current critical global situation, a circumstance that is particularly evident in the Ukraine conflict. So humanity is once again drawn into an even greater circumstance of division. On the one hand, to shed more light on the conflict, acts of war in any form are of course always bad, because it is inevitable that innocent people will be harmed in such a conflict (the path of destruction instead of peace), on the other hand, this circumstance is said to be a country occupied by the West, which is a hub for countless dark activities (Biolabs, money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking/child trafficking and territorial base – threaten/constrict the East), must be cleaned or freed. In our countries, the other side is deeply demonized and an extremely large number of false reports are deliberately sent out to manipulate the masses. On the other hand, war is never a solution. As I said, even liberation strikes are always accompanied by the acceptance of innocent people dying. The entire situation is therefore a double-edged sword (Of course, it must also be noted that the elite have invaded countless countries in recent decades and disguised this under the guise of alleged peace missions). Well, if these are really liberation strikes that massively damage the cabal system, if this side is true, then all of this would be a path towards a significantly more liberated world in which the slave system would increasingly come to an end, then something would generally happen important happened.

purification in the world

After all, a lot of people have woken up in recent years and the collective spirit vibrates at a very high frequency. This is precisely why a clearing of heavy/dark energy is occurring on a global level to create a circumstance based on peace and healing. However, we should not forget that all of this can also be part of a larger stage on which things ultimately happen that should happen anyway. Well, regardless of what the current conflict is actually about and also regardless of the fact that we would have to expect this conflict to expand completely, because as I said, Germany is still an occupied zone administered by the cabal Stronghold of modern slavery, at least that is one role within this global play (The mental slavery and small-scale farming is felt to be one of the greatest in DE - suppression of the Germanic UR energy), it's essentially about something completely different.

The great spiritual INFILTRATION

daily energyAt its core, it's about something much more important. So, as I said, the overarching goal is that, on the one hand, we should all be prevented from focusing on ourselves and, above all, on a circumstance of holiness and divinity, because as I said, what we focus our attention on thrives, takes shape or is even reinforced. If we focus on fear or even war, then, whether we want it or not, we are reinforcing the same quality of energy instead of working more strongly on the manifestation of a sacred world. On the other hand, this circumstance also serves to draw us back into the fear vibration. Previously this was done via the “pandemic” circumstance. Now that there is a major conflict, the pandemic topic is no longer needed, i.e. it has little meaning at the moment, because we are all now supposed to be frightened by a new, much more threatening circumstance. As I said, it is precisely this fear that feeds the maintenance of the old vibration/world. Ultimately, this circumstance also shows how strongly the media complex also guides the masses. While everyone previously focused on the “illusory pandemic circumstance”, simply because the media hardly reported anything else, this topic now plays almost no role for people, suddenly, because now the mass's attention is focused on a supposed one War directed and this topic is now at the forefront.

The direction of your mind

This example perfectly shows how people's reality is repeatedly influenced by external reports (external dark images) is infiltrated and controlled. And at its deepest core, this is primarily about steering toward the fear vibration to feed that energy construct, rather than a holiness-based structure. Well, we should all continue to focus our most valuable core, i.e. our sacred inner space, our life energy on war and constantly deal with mass media reporting instead of remaining in the energy of peace and love. It is therefore still about our energy or our inner space, which we should continue to keep infiltrated so that we can revive the manifestation of a world based on darkness or even the path towards an NWO. Our life energy should therefore be withdrawn from us. We should pay attention to a dark reality, that is, as I said, the core of everything. Therefore, let us continue to work towards the realization of a peaceful circumstance and shift our energy to more significant areas, to the manifestation of a healed/holy inner state, to the healing of the world, however difficult this may be.

The “Save Yourself Who Can” Congress

Well, last but not least, I would like to draw attention to an exciting and even important conference, which was once again organized by dear Chris (joy of life) and his wife Yulia and covered countless powerful interviews with many special interviewees on the topics of emigration, crisis preparedness, current world events, self-sufficiency, self-healing and system decoupling. I myself am also taking part in an interview and will also provide special information on some of these topics. Anyone who would like to be there, Click here for the “Save Yourself Who Can Congress”. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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