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Today's daily energy on July 25, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the moon in the zodiac sign Taurus (Change took place late yesterday evening at 23:39 p.m), whereby we could not only show persistent behavior, but we too own habits and others anchored in the subconscious (everyday, but also destructive) programs/beliefs/beliefs.

Light strongest

On the other hand, parallel to the Taurus moon influences, very strong solar influences reach us. In this context, the temperatures in this country are also very high and reach a peak, i.e. in places it gets up to 41 degrees. The temperatures are therefore enormous and will demand a lot from one or the other. In addition, the sun has a very strong effect on us. The sun stands for pure light that has become manifest. It is the largest source of energy of all and can completely charge us humans/our cells/our energy system. The more we expose ourselves to sunlight (at least long enough to avoid burns), the more healing the effect. It is not for nothing that we should not avoid the sun, but rather devote ourselves more to this powerful source. And today, when temperatures reach a peak and the sun, at least in our latitudes, is barely obscured by carpets of clouds, there is therefore incredible healing potential. Ultimately, we should surrender to this and let the sun affect all of our cells.

I happily confirm my belief that we carry within us a spark of that eternal light that must shine at the bottom of being and that our weak senses can only sense from a distance. I recognize it as our highest duty to let this spark within us become a flame and to realize the divine within us. – Malwida von Meysenbug..!!

On the one hand, we can allow new energies to become manifest, but on the other hand, we can also allow old ones (serious) Let energies flow out, because the light always ensures that we automatically adapt to the frequency. Old blockages or everything that in turn represents a burden for us will therefore have to leave our system, in whatever way this happens (whether with friction or not, - violent discussions or gentle conversations). With that in mind, enjoy the sun/light. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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