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With today's daily energy on November 24th, 2023, we are reaching, on the one hand, the influences of the still waxing moon, which in turn changes from the zodiac sign Aries to the zodiac sign Taurus today and will accordingly give us an extremely enduring energy quality that also leads to relaxation . On the other hand we can see the lunar quality In contrast, we perceive it as intense, after all we are shortly before a special full moon in the zodiac sign Gemini. On Monday, i.e. November 27th, the full moon will be completely manifest.

The turbulent phase of the last few weeks

turbulent phaseNevertheless, today we are experiencing another special constellation change, as Mars is changing from the zodiac sign Scorpio to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. After the sun also moved from Scorpio to the zodiac sign Sagittarius two days ago, a much quieter time has begun, because within the Scorpio constellations, deep inner conflicts, fears and suppressed truths have been increasingly addressed or stimulated by Scorpio energy brought to the surface. The Scorpio sign generally always ensures that suppressed feelings come to the surface, even if this happens in the most unpleasant way (the sting pricks and draws out what is hidden). The whole thing was reinforced by the last Scorpio new moon directly after the eclipses, which is why the last few weeks were extremely turbulent and sometimes demanded a lot from us. Nevertheless, we are now in a different phase again. The Sun has now arrived in Sagittarius and Mars is now also making this change.

Mars in the zodiac sign Sagittarius

Through this connection we can perceive an increased urge for action within us in the coming time. Mars is always associated with an extremely forward-driving and implementing energy quality. We want to implement things, ignite our inner fire and live out our warrior energy. In Sagittarius, this energy works particularly well and can direct our inner activity forward. The double fire energy wants us to truly take a big step forward and set manifestation processes in motion. In addition, the Jupiter quality also affects us, because the ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Combined with Mars, this could make us extremely optimistic and grapple with deep belief systems. Finding meaning will also come to the fore. Mars will encourage us, as an example, to muster the strength necessary to pursue these processes in depth. Overall, however, it is now a more relaxed time. The Scorpio constellations are over and at the same time we are about to enter the first month of winter. And winter always essentially marks a time of rest and retreat, at least we should follow this natural rhythm. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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