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daily energy

On the one hand, today's daily energy on May 24th, 2022 will be characterized by the Pisces Moon until the evening (The zodiac sign with Aries only begins again at 23:41 p.m), which means that the energies of the water sign affect us throughout the day (Everything is flushed out of us & we let ourselves flow/surrender to life) and on the other hand this still works The sextile between the sun and Jupiter that began yesterday is one on us, which generally massively favors various undertakings and work implementations.

Harmonious connections

Harmonious connections

Luck is on our side in the truest sense of the word, although of course it can always be, at least when we ourselves are happy and thus become capable of resonance within our own field for the manifestation of happiness or happy circumstances. Our own inner orientation allows worlds to emerge and thrive, it has always been that way and that is how it always will be. For this reason, precisely because of this special constellation, it makes sense to align our beliefs or our beliefs accordingly and to adapt ourselves to this constellation. Because we are additionally convinced that this constellation brings us happiness and joy, we strengthen its energy or make ourselves more capable of resonance. Faith can move mountains. Apart from this main constellation, it should be said that two further constellations of abundance are reaching us today. On the one hand, a sextile between Mercury and Mars has an effect on us, which means we can be in a much more astute mood and be inspired in our work. On the other hand, another sextile between Venus and Saturn also affects us, which essentially speaks to our deepest, true love (love for others, which above all represents love for ourselves). Loyal, honest and truthful moods are thereby brought to the fore. Either way. positive influences affect us and we should fully embrace this.

New cycle

daily energyWell, late in the evening the moon changes to the zodiac sign Aries, which initiates the zodiac sign cycle again. The beginning of the new zodiac sign cycle is initiated with the energy of fire, i.e. the element that is assigned to Aries. From tomorrow onwards everything will be designed for new cycles, circumstances and experiences. The whole thing will take place until May 30th, the day on which a powerful new moon will reach us. Until then, we can continue to feel the effects of the positive connections within us and, in doing so, practice even more in aligning our inner world with abundance. Therefore, recognize all of your beliefs, which in turn are based on lack, and begin to replace them with beliefs that are full of abundance. Whoever masters this can truly attract the greatest gifts. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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