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Today's daily energy on July 24, 2021 is mainly characterized by the highly magical influences of another full moon, to be precise by a full moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius, because the moon changed into Aquarius at 02:11 a.m. in the night. The full moon reaches or reached its full form during the night at 04:37 a.m., i.e. 2 Hours after entering the Aquarius sign. Throughout today we will feel the special influences of this powerful combination. More than ever, the symbols are designed entirely for freedom and origin.

Encounter with our sacred origin

In this context, the Aquarius zodiac sign is generally strongly associated with the vibration of freedom. When the moon transits this sign, especially at this time of awakening and especially this high frequency phase, we can feel a powerful pull into states and circumstances where we can free ourselves from all chains, burdens, conflicts and internal disagreements are. The air sign simply wants us to rise up and consequently glide through life with ease, instead of limiting ourselves again and again and consequently carrying a state of consciousness within us that is repeatedly permeated by heaviness. And while a part of the collective spirit is still asleep or tries to evade the holy spirit/the highest self-image or even a generally elevated self-image, many strongly developed people/creators are currently experiencing and recognizing how great the divine plan is at the moment , i.e. how much everything is moving towards a golden age and she herself as a source is experiencing the divine ascent and also letting it arise on the outside. Our encounters with our sacred origins are therefore increasing more and more (our sacred origin - the recognition of all 3D levels/worlds/illusory systems, along with the recognition of countless 5D structures/circumstances based on healing/holiness/salvation/perfection, along with the awareness/self-image of being the source/divine and Naturally accompanied by a state of bliss and inner peace - Our holy origin, bathing in the feeling that one's own spirit is holy and the external world/our external world as a direct image also corresponds to this - Remember, only a holy spirit can Recognize sacred circumstances outside and also bring them to life. What can you expect if you downgrade your mind, see yourself as smaller, and focus only on smaller or even darker states?).

Freedom reaches our consciousness

Freedom reaches our consciousness We are currently receiving countless special signs in this regard. Life-changing encounters can overtake us, because our high spirit now sends us all the impulses via the outside world that really want to raise our prosperity to a new level. I can also give an example from my life myself, for example a few weeks ago I met someone I didn't know before, but who goes barefoot every day and lives on raw food or eats a completely natural diet in this regard. Since I myself would like to go barefoot through the forest for a long time and also wanted to make my diet completely natural, but wanted to implement these changes without being forced (but with complete confidence knew that the day is coming when these actions will automatically achieve), so it happened that I just decided that day from now on to only do my daily walks barefoot + to sleep on the floor. About two weeks later, my life took a turn in which I just spontaneously started to switch my diet to raw food. An exciting encounter with many special impulses, which resulted in these new, bright habits a few weeks later. In such moments, especially when contemplating this from your own holy spirit, you can even then simply recognize that this was not just a coincidence, but a knocking of the completely holy origin, which would like to draw you even more into freedom and originality. As far as this is concerned, all these circumstances of self-overcoming and naturalness represent a return to our origins.

The development of our holy spirit

We overcome ourselves, overcome something difficult every day and are rewarded with a much more harmonious and stable image of ourselves, which allows us to heal ourselves and consequently bring healing to the outside world. Well, today's full moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius will in all probability want to lead us even more into our origins, i.e. into our inner spiritual detachment and consequently freedom. And since the Sun has been in Leo for two days, we also benefit from the blazing fire, which may give us the impetus to take even greater action. Therefore, pay attention to today's signs and use the prevailing energy potential. The sacred wants to manifest itself and accordingly it is knocking on our doors more and more often. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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