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With today's daily energy on December 24, 2023, a very special and above all magical energy quality reaches us, because it's Christmas Eve. In this context, the energy of Christmas Eve is always extremely powerful, as it prevails within of an aspectof the collective spirit a powerful energy of stillness that we hardly experience on any other day of the year. In this regard, our own mind is also increasingly focused on the energy of calm, contemplation, relaxation, family and inner peace.


The BIRTH of CHRISTIAN CONSCIOUSNESSAnd since many people now carry this energy of calm within themselves or are prepared for a contemplative time with their loved ones, this quality of calm increases. Ultimately, for me personally, there is hardly a day of the year when I enjoy going out into nature so much. The atmosphere on Christmas Eve is simply very special and the peace and quiet is indescribably strong. It's almost as if the animals, plants, trees and nature in general are reacting to this special calm of the collective or that will be the case. Well, regardless, the energy of holiness is also at the forefront. On this day, many people carry the energy of holiness in their spirit, simply by internally saying the word, or rather the thought, of Christmas Eve. On this day, many people internally call out the information of holiness, i.e. the energy of “being whole”, which also, from a purely energetic point of view, has a strong influence on the energy body of the collective.

Surrender to the calm

Christmas EveAnd if you then consider that Christmas Eve essentially represents the birth of the Christ child or the birth of Christ consciousness, then this also shows us once again how powerful the fundamental frequency of this day is. The day therefore carries with it the birth of holiness or even awakening, i.e. the beginning of the development of a state of consciousness, which in turn expands towards holiness, divinity and unconditional love. The day also teaches us which energies are healing for our entire system. Devoting yourself to your family, being anchored in peace, feeling a carefree mood, surrendering to relaxation and also having shifted your focus to a sacred circumstance - hardly anything brings greater salvation. Well, one way or another, an energetically valuable day awaits us on Christmas Eve and we can be very happy about this day. In this regard, we are about to enter the new year (based on the twisted Gregorian calendar) and before things get very stormy energetically again, a circumstance that the turn of the year falsely brings with it (Because January, as the month of deep winter, should actually be a time of rest - the true beginning of the year takes place on March 21st with the spring equinox), we should now spend a contemplative and quiet time together. With this in mind, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed Christmas Eve. 🙂

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    • ORHUX 26. December 2023, 4: 36

      PS: Jesus was not born on December 24th. SANTA = SATAN.

    ORHUX 26. December 2023, 4: 36

    PS: Jesus was not born on December 24th. SANTA = SATAN.