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With today's daily energy on April 24, 2024, the influences of a powerful super full moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio reach us. The climax took place at 01:49 a.m., but the entire day is still accompanied by this extremely strong energy quality, as was noticeably the case in the past few days. After all, full moons are generally very intense energetic effects. A super full moon, that is, a full moon that is particularly close to our Earth (30% more brightness), exerts an even greater influence. If a super full moon is in the zodiac sign Scorpio, then it gives us by far the strongest quality.

Super full moon influences

daily energyI have often pointed out the intense effects of the Scorpio zodiac sign. In this regard, the strongest energetic influences prevail during a Scorpio period. Even plants, fruits, seeds, etc. have by far the highest nutrient and energy density during a Scorpio full moon period. Due to this special combination, our own mind, body and soul system is addressed in depth. In this regard, the Scorpio sign, like its ruling planet Pluto, initiates death and change processes. All the unfulfilled aspects that are hidden deep within us come to the surface and want to be seen by us. In the truest sense of the word, the scorpion stings us with its stinger, triggers us and brings out our painful issues. In such a phase, our deepest wounds can reveal themselves. The focus is on healing and closing the wounds. Everything through which we experience feelings of unfulfillment, all the patterns through which we repeatedly experience lack of freedom and limitation, can be viewed and transformed during this time. And due to the super full moon, this influence reaches a particularly large dimension. Today and these days in general, a significant cleansing of our energy system is taking place. All heavy energies, blockages and density-based programs may be transmuted.

Freedom and limitlessness

Freedom and limitlessnessAfter all, in the current phase of collective awakening, in which Pluto in Aquarius plays a major role, the creation of a circumstance based on complete freedom is paramount. And the manifestation of freedom begins first and foremost within ourselves. We often live out bounded states without being aware of it. These shackles have become part of our everyday consciousness and are hardly seen anymore. But how is a world based on freedom supposed to emerge if we ourselves carry such shackles and limitations within us? More than ever, it's about removing all of our limitations so that we can feel truly free. So let us welcome today's Super Full Moon/Scorpio energies and face our self-imposed limitations. Only we ourselves have the potential to dissolve our inner bonds and limitations. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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