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Today's daily energy on April 24, 2020 is mainly shaped by the lingering influences of yesterday's new moon in the zodiac sign Taurus and therefore continues to favor and strongly drive the prevailing mass awakening. In addition, there are also massive anomalies regarding the planetary resonance frequency (see below picture), which also strengthens the lingering new moon influences. Today's energetic influences are therefore directly linked to the current zeitgeist and are primarily characterized by the current rise.

The ascent permeates all levels

The ascent permeates all levelsAnd the overarching ascension, i.e. a collective leap into a high-frequency world or into a high-frequency spirit (everything in existence is ALWAYS spiritual in nature - mind, to be precise one's mind always comes first and is the source of all manifestations - without mind nothing could exist, everything is based on mind/consciousness → states of consciousness - one's state of consciousness, based on All beliefs, convictions, world views, views and resulting actions ALWAYS determine what happens/reality - the more you become aware of this and, above all, recognize yourself as the source, the more you allow THE DIVINE SELF-IMAGE/DIVINE REALITY to come to life . You no longer make yourself small, but completely unique and great, that which is due to every human being/creator - to become aware of the highest - which subsequently brings with it an external world that is also of divine nature - it serves that Good for all - making yourself small, being destructive, etc. in turn goes hand in hand with harm - if you heal yourself, if you heal the world, if you harm yourself, if you harm the world, BECAUSE YOU ARE THE WORLD - THERE IS NO SEPARATION, only one creator, one source, one being, one consciousness that experiences and reflects itself in everything - YOURSELF - Everything therefore ONLY takes place within oneself - one has created everything oneself, just like you created the experience of reading You ONLY CREATE this article YOURSELF, you therefore let this article come into your perception, you allowed it to exist and you were able to do that because you are the creator - I myself am merely a projection of yourself outside, a creator, the you created yourself, as THE ONE CREATOR), from which in turn emerges a world/planetary circumstance based on unveiling, wisdom, liberating/lightful technologies, truth (true human history and events), abundance, closeness to nature, healing and freedom, is therefore currently being carried out and manifested by all of us.

Planetary resonance frequency strong anomalies

We go into the light

After millennia of darkness and spiritual slavery, we are now on the home stretch and heading towards a golden world at ultimate speed. And even if some people still have doubts (4D - Between the old and the new or a stay in an uncertain state of consciousness - the question of whether the ascension is really happening, whether we are really ascending or whether everything will remain the same - whether all of this really corresponds to the truth or is a main aspect of our own inner truth can become - but the pull in 5D is becoming stronger and stronger), the pull of the light is enormous and can hardly be stopped, no matter how much the 3D system lying on the ground can defend itself, the truth about the world and the light that returns with it is UNSTOPPABLE AND INEVITABLE!!!!

We become divine

Well, ultimately the ascension will therefore continue to take place, even today, and will lead us all even deeper into our own original state and, above all, into the oldest and deepest knowledge (as described above – you yourself are the source). And this knowledge alone makes you incredibly powerful. Ultimately we are ALL GODS (at least at the moment when we are aware of it, when the knowledge that oneself is divine is rooted in one's consciousness), who have been persuaded/programmed that they are human, which is why we ourselves are subject to countless limitations (because we consider ourselves to be limited & not divine, - as God, EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE & above all, EVERYTHING IS IMAGINABLE - As a human, not - that is why this also distinguishes a human/human consciousness and above all a God consciousness - Only God consciousness, i.e. the highest self-image, paves the way the path to completely new abilities). This is why the current time is so unique, because apart from all the processes described, what is currently taking place is a change in the collective consciousness, a transformation towards the divine self. It remains “highly exciting”. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂
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