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Today's daily energy on April 24, 2019 continues to be characterized on the one hand by a magical energy quality, through which our self-realization is very much in the foreground, and on the other hand by a new lunar energy, because the moon changed to the zodiac sign Capricorn at 00:53 a.m. that night. The “Capricorn Moon” therefore gives us completely new impulses and can promote moods that in turn are accompanied by a pronounced sense of purpose.

Self-realization & determination

On the other hand, this could give us a much more pronounced sense of responsibility and demonstrate significantly more persistent behavior overall. Goals are pursued with more persistence and we take responsibility for our actions; in some cases we could even work with great concentration and focus on the manifestation of our own ideas (Energy always follows our attention). After all, the corresponding lunar influences go hand in hand with the current mood and can encourage us to pursue the realization of our own ideas. In this context, always ask yourself what you would like to experience and then begin to create a version of yourself that goes along with the frequency of the circumstance presented. For example, if you want to experience a life situation that is based on strength and abundance, then start by becoming strong yourself or even embody abundance yourself. And a corresponding embodiment begins with us accomplishing things ourselves or creating structures that automatically result in a corresponding embodiment. For example, if we want to experience more abundance, then it is imperative to eliminate circumstances of deficiency. A chaotic living situation, for example, represents a state of deficiency (the inner lack transferred to the external world and vice versa - this chaos or this lack will always be present in your mind - you will be confronted with it again and again). An unnatural diet also represents a deficiency and is therefore associated with a lack of life energy (The organism has to process the heavy energies, lack of nutrients, lack of energy - you attract more lack from outside). Or a lack of exercise, a lack of inner strength (because you cannot come to terms with certain conflicts in your own life) or even a lack of natural impressions (because you only ever stay within your own four walls). All of these circumstances are based on lack and consequently result in a reality in which “lack of abundance” or too little abundance becomes manifest.

Think about what you have rather than what you are missing! Find the best of the things you have, and then consider how eagerly you would have searched for them if you didn't have them. – Marcus Aurelius..!!

For this reason, it is extremely important to return to natural processes and, above all, to allow more abundance to manifest by clearing up countless deficiencies - no matter how small. The more abundance is present in our own minds, the more we transfer our own abundance self to the external world and consequently attract life circumstances based on that abundance. Well, for this reason, use today's moon influences and, above all, the special energetic quality to be able to pursue your own self-realization more intensively. Manifest more abundance, more love, more peace. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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