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Today's daily energy on September 23, 2019 is mainly characterized by a special event, because today the annual astronomical beginning of autumn is initiated with the equinox (at 09:50, – the sun moves from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere – beginning of autumn north of the equator). The equinox is a special event, because due to the associated balance between day and night, i.e. day and night have the same length, the day stands like no other for maximum compensation, balance and harmony on all levels of existence.

Special Event: Equinox

Special Event: EquinoxAt the same time, this balance leads us back into a new quality of time, at least in relation to the season, because it will now increasingly be the fall/winter time, which is ultimately a time of introspection, of retreat, of the unknown ("it's getting darker") and above all stands for a time of one's own spiritual devotion. Moods and energy qualities associated with this will therefore gradually manifest in the coming time, until we then experience the transition into the next decade, a decade that could not be more meaningful, because 2020-2030 stands for the overarching manifestation of the golden age (2010-2020 - Strong networking with everything that exists/Internet - Mankind increasingly questioning existing systems and thereby gaining insights into their own spiritual ground, - Manifestation of original knowledge). Now and today therefore announces the transition to this quality of time. But until the transition becomes fully manifest, we experience today's equinox and can feel a very strong connection to ourselves and above all to all circumstances, which in turn are based on balance / harmony. Appropriately, the equinox always goes hand in hand with the sun, which in turn changes to the zodiac sign Libra, which makes the fact of balance even clearer.

Today's astronomical beginning of autumn leads us into a completely new quality of time and, at the same time, lets us feel a very special threshold circumstance, because we stand on the threshold between the new and the old, on the threshold between light and darkness. It is a celebration of balance, which at the same time heralds the transition to the most mystical/magical months ever..!!

At the end of the day it is therefore a meaningful festival, yes, in itself it is even called a threshold festival, because we are exactly on the threshold between day and night, between the light and the dark, between yin and yang, between the known and the unknown. So let's celebrate this festival together today and, full of mindfulness and devotion, not only celebrate what we have achieved so far, but also be grateful for all the circumstances/conditions that we have already reconciled. Well then, finally, regarding the equinox, I'll quote a section from the page again annual cycle.info:

This annual festival is one of the 4 recognized sun festivals and is called, among other things, the autumn equinox. As a counterpart to the beginning of spring, it is around the 21./22. celebrated Sept.
They are both threshold festivals, where day and night are exactly the same length and are balanced.
If you transfer the annual circle to the day, then this festival corresponds to the sunset, the afterglow and the twilight. It is an intermediate state between day and night.
And everyone knows how beautiful it can be, how intense the colors of a sunset are, the tension between the setting light and the night that is already falling. And that's how it is in autumn, the big "sunset of the year".
One can clearly feel when one is in this intermediate state, on the threshold between day and night. This is always an interface to the other world, to very special emotional states.

threshold festival

We are also on a very similar threshold in the cycle of the year: summer is coming to an end and the dark season is just around the corner. We can look both ways, back to summer and ahead. People used to have a very strong sense of how important it is what you take as a first step. That one stepped over the threshold with the right foot, so to speak.
Each of us knows the feeling of standing on a threshold and having to dare to take the first step into an unknown that is still rather in the dark.
Sacrifices used to be made in order to cross the threshold.
Getting on the wrong foot, or crossing the threshold with the “wrong foot” could be a very bad omen. The "wrong foot" or "right foot" meant the inner attitude with which one walked over. And "foot" was the most direct symbol of reference to the Mother Goddess and rootedness in Her. If this relationship was given, it was always the "right foot".

With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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