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Today's daily energy on October 23, 2022 is very strongly influenced by the zodiac sign Scorpio, because at 09:48 a.m. Venus changes from Libra to the zodiac sign Scorpio and at 12:29 p.m. the sun changes to the zodiac sign Scorpio. Thus, starting today, a new cycle begins, in particular a new solar cycle accompanied by a purifying and, above all, illuminating quality of energy becomes. In this context, hardly any other zodiac sign is as mysterious as Scorpio.

Sun in the zodiac sign Scorpio

Sun in the zodiac sign ScorpioThe water sign carries a very strong/impulsive energy and can essentially transport many hidden structures, patterns and conflicts from the depths of our being into our daily consciousness. During a Scorpio phase, our deep shadows and our hidden and subconscious parts are always in the foreground. The sun itself, which in turn represents our essence or our true nature within astrology, illuminates the depths of our being in a Scorpio cycle and allows some previously repressed or even subconscious processes to wash into our daily consciousness. We are confronted with many ancient structures and are therefore drawn into the call to finally overcome or let go of old obstacles. On the other hand, during a Scorpio phase, our persistence and perseverance are also addressed. We are asked to pursue our dreams and desires completely relentlessly without letting ourselves be put down. The most energetic zodiac sign wants to charge us energetically and give us a strong boost.

Venus in the zodiac sign Scorpio


Venus in the zodiac sign ScorpioWith Venus in the zodiac sign Scorpio, a new quality is brought into our relationships and existing partnerships. In this regard, Scorpio is not only associated with a lot of fire, but it can also strongly appeal to sexuality and make us extremely sensual (Sometimes we feel an increased pull towards sensual moments). On the other hand, Scorpio wants to provide clarity and encourages us to let go of old or burdensome structures within partnerships or interpersonal relationships. The scorpion pierces deep wounds with its stinger and pulls out all the unfulfilled, unspoken and hidden parts of us. For this reason, such a Scorpio/Venus period can not only be very fiery, but also very conflictual or stormy. Scorpio wants to heal relationships or fragile connections and can do this in a very conflictual and impulsive way. For this reason, in such a phase it may be more appropriate than ever to root yourself more firmly in a state of calm.

Saturn becomes direct

Well, last but not least, Saturn also became direct at 04:56 a.m. in the night, which means (as announced weeks ago), the third planet this month went direct and will therefore provide significantly more upswing overall. The ruling planet of Capricorn, which is currently still in the zodiac sign Aquarius, will therefore slowly but surely initiate a phase in which all boundaries will be broken across the board. Especially because of the Aquarius zodiac sign, our freedom is more important than ever. For this reason, a strong liberation energy will build up into next year, through which we should blow up all our prisons. And this liberation energy relates to our personal levels on the one hand and to the collective and global level on the other. Saturn itself, which is also associated with boundaries, responsibility, stability and limitations, wants us to take our self-realization to a new level instead of allowing ourselves to be limited again and again. All prisons should be solved. Instead of regression, great progress should be made in relation to freedom issues. Well, at the end of the day we can be curious to see how the influences will affect our personal lives. Let me say one thing: the change will now become even more noticeable. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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