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Today's daily energy on July 23, 2019 will continue to be shaped on the one hand by the moon in the zodiac sign Aries and on the other hand by the still predominant summer energies. The intensification or potentiation of the inflows increases continues its unimagined course and continues to reach new heights. This flushes out our entire system, which means that a lot of healing can take place in our cells.

Strong healing potential

And especially the coming summer days (Sun = pure life energy, there is hardly anything more inspiring or healing than exposing yourself to the sun for several hours) are accompanied by an incredible healing potential and make it much easier for us to process and integrate all the circumstances/impulses that have reached us in the past stormy days and weeks. In this context, days like these are perfect for appropriate energetic integration. The past few days have been extremely intense. The temperatures also dropped and, to match, it became very stormy in nature, i.e. strong thunderstorms and rainy weather conditions reached our latitudes. The intensity of these days was enormous + 1:1 transferable to our lives and reflected the current phase of transformation/cleansing. It is not for nothing that countless structures are currently faltering and an extremely large number of unredeemed shares on our part have been brought to our attention. Well, the energetic influences are of course still extremely intense, but the current warm days are accompanied by a “change” and are perfect for healing (go into the light/sun), - i.e. our cell environment was extremely flushed, countless heavy energies were able to leave our system, creating space for new frequencies (frequency states/states of consciousness).

This is one of the secrets of life: to heal the soul through the senses and the senses through the soul. – Oscar Wilde..!!

For this reason, we should not let this special potential go unused and now devote ourselves fully to the sun (as far as we can - the healing influence of the sun is often underestimated, much stronger than we believe - light for our cell environment/for our spirit). This allows us to recharge our entire system and mentally align ourselves with abundance/healing. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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