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Today's daily energy on February 23, 2021 immediately continues the drive or quality of the past few days and, together with the general February quality, once again draws us thoroughly into deep purification processes. Circumstances and sensations of clarification, purification and reorganization can therefore still come first and accompany us throughout the day. In addition, the influences of the waxing moon in the zodiac sign Cancer also reach us, which at the same time deepen our soul life (if necessary even illuminate deep mental aspects on our part - lead into the purification) and any corresponding cleaning processes, which we started within this month, continue to lead to completion.

A special flood of light

Cleansing energiesAs I said, the climax will then reach us on February 27th, the day on which we will get an energetically extremely flushing full moon in the zodiac sign Virgo, which could not be more appropriate, because Virgo is also very strongly associated with influences that ultimately for Rearrangement, cleaning and sorting are available. A particularly cleansing combination awaits us, a full moon in the zodiac sign Virgo at the end of February. But before the moon takes on its full form, the last portal day of this month awaits us tomorrow. And apart from that, we are generally currently flooded with strong light coding. In this context, I already pointed out a currently slightly increased geomagnetic activity in yesterday's Daily Energy article. Directly linked to this, the planetary resonance frequency, monitored by the Russian Space Observation Center in Tomsk, also makes it clear to us that something tremendous is currently in motion. Of course, the overarching collective awakening, the disintegration of the old 3D matrix system and the constant frequency increases simply favor such a circumstance immensely and anyway permanently fuel us with profound information. Nevertheless, the dashed lines on the planetary resonance frequency diagram in response to energetic currents that are currently pouring in, i.e. in the current few days we are being fired with extremely strong energies, whereby fired is almost the wrong word, because the collective is much more permeated by these impulses.

Nevertheless, these impulses can feel like a real fire, because at the moment anything can really come up. Due to this fact, our systems are completely put into a state of deep cleaning. Heavy energies, which may have been dormant in our cells for a very long time and could always promote a certain imbalance, are in the process of being "flushed out" on a cellular and energetic level. Well, ultimately this phase will also end. The direct movement of Mercury, which has meanwhile become manifest, and above all the approaching month of March, which will lead us out of the severe February purification, will bring a little calm to the current days. In line with this, I would also like at this point to include a section from a translation from the site esistallesda.de quote:

“Now that the Sun has moved into Pisces and Mercury comes out of retrograde, we have time to catch our breath and enjoy some quieter moments. The week of the Aquarius stellium (last week. A “stellium” means more than two planets that are close together - a cluster of planets in a house or across the house boundary, or in a sign or across the sign boundary.) has been quite a ride, and we can all use some of that gentle Neptune energy for a while and just go (gently) with the flow. I for one am still trying to calm myself down after the intense light codes received this week! But it won't be long now as we move into the time before the March Equinox on March 20th and that's when the Sun enters Aries with all of its fickle and fiery energy of new beginnings. But we now carry within us the “seeds” of love, compassion and creativity that were activated at the Aquarius New Moon. We are the Golden Age and the New Earth. So we must remember that no matter what happens, we remain centered, grounded and express the love that we are.”

Well then, but before that happens, we can look forward to an energetically very transformative full moon. February is about to end and not long now before we find ourselves back in the blossoming spring energies. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Esther 23. February 2021, 16: 12

      Thank you very much for these words. Light and love ☀️

    Esther 23. February 2021, 16: 12

    Thank you very much for these words. Light and love ☀️